Celebrate Earth Day By Noticing Your Natural Surroundings

A portion of my Earth Day will be spent thanking her with a great big Earth Hug! To do that, I lie down on her, face to face, inhaling her fragrances, feeling her energetic pulse, and letting our heartbeats become one. Then I turn over and feel her below me as I look at the sky: as above, so below – I am a conduit between the two. This simple expression of gratitude – the Earth Hug – is something we can do every day in any number of ways.

Trees like hugs. So do dogs, children, rocks and rivers. Try lying in a river and let the water swirl around you in a big, wet hug. Anytime you can attune your energetic vibration with the earth, you strengthen your energy. Even the simple act of noticing the natural world can raise your vibration, and the earth’s! So take a moment to notice and express your gratitude for this incredible living organism that hosts us in the universe. She gives us so much and really needs and responds to our gratitude every single day.

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