What is the connection between your inner power and the natural world, and how does Women’s Empowerment Workshop help you develop that connection?

The simple answer is that the natural world is literally the center of our universe – it supplies all of our resources for life. On a deeper level, it offers myriad opportunities for growth and wisdom. This is wisdom that cannot be learned from books or the internet, but must be embodied through personal experience. Reading about, imagining, or seeing a movie about standing on Everest is virtually exciting. Actually standing on Everest is a complex matrix of the physical, spiritual and emotional human experience. So it is with much tamer, even casual interactions with nature. Through skillful, safe and professional outdoor guides and teachers, the Women’s Empowerment Workshop will give you the personal experiences in nature, at your physical capability level, that allow you to physically, spiritually and emotionally experience nature’s wisdom, so that it is anchored within you.

Why is it important to embody your wisdom? Because profound self-awareness correlates directly to our sense of personal power. Embodied wisdom brings with it confidence, freedom, faith in yourself, and a positive, joyous approach to life. Join this free webinar May 4 to learn how the Women’s Empowerment Workshop will give you tools like grounding, developing intuition, balance, overcoming obstacles, problem solving and listening to your inner self. Our special guest will be the workshop’s equine empowerment facilitator, Melisa Pearce, of Touched by a Horse.

What is the magic healing power of horses? Even if you do not ride or know anything about horses, you can be with them and benefit from their amazing ability to mirror your emotions. Melisa will share her experiences and stories, showing us how horses are indeed a source of the natural wisdom of our universe.

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