Cleanse Your Dust of Life

5/2/11 –

A gentle rain began to fall just a bit ago. Some Native Americans call this a female rain, soft and soaking, as opposed to the male rain that pounds the earth, eroding it and carrying it to the sea.

Before my eyes, the bare plants erupted into vibrant colors – orange, red, deep purple, lavender and true sage green. Just a bit of cleansing rain brought out the brilliant essence of the plants!

It’s only when I allow myself to be cleansed of the dust of life, those everyday cares and worries that I hold without noticing, that my own brilliant spirit shines. That’s how I feel after a yoga workout, a walk in the woods or sitting quietly in meditation. Sometimes simply stepping outside, drawing in five deep breaths in a row can be the cleansing female rain I need. It’s all so simple…if we simply remember.

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