Freedom: A Personal Empowerment Perspective

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

Independence day! A chance to consider Freedom. Personal independence. Which also means opportunity… to choose growth, awareness, our own path.

I know I am on my right path, following my purpose, when I sleep well at night, jump joyously into the work of the day, and am living fully aligned with my values. Anxiety drops away and I feel a lightness of being. Love for my family and the world expands. So does my optimism and hope, as well as my capacity to serve others, and even to have fun.

I have great gratitude for the privilege of pursuing such personal freedom. I know it came with a price paid by those who came before me. That’s why I cherish it and do not squander it or take it for granted, but try to use it to serve others and make a difference. I hold it; I am accountable for what I do with it. I feed it regularly by connecting to the rain, wind, fire and earth. I use it to take a stand in my life. My freedom and personal power feed my purpose which is nurturing others to use their own power as a positive influence in their world.

Freedom creates opportunity and choice. On this Independence day I invite you to consider how you will choose to use your choices around self-empowerment and freedom.

In the pursuit of your happiness and freedom this weekend, please make time to practice the following:

  • Notice and explore your natural surroundings.
  • Be still and listen to the trees, birds, wind, and give gratitude.
  • Share smiles and happiness with friends and family.
  • Acknowledge your resiliency.
  • Embrace your many freedoms.

Happiness is a freedom that is truly contagious. Share it!

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