Swithching Gears!

I had the most incredible day! I woke up as usual around 6am feeling a bit stiff all over. Then grabbed my cup of java and settled back to see if I had missed anything while sleeping as I scoured my emails via my cell phone.

Today was a golf day! I had been gone for a month working in South America in their winter and was really looking forward to a summer activity! Then I looked outside just as my long-time golfing buddy called me up. “Yes, it’s raining here too,” I said and we discussed whether to chance it or not. With the luxury of pulling up real time weather maps on the computer, we begrudgingly gave in to the sad reality that the crystal ball of technology made clear: it was going to be a thoroughly wet and chilly day. We called off our game. Rats! I really needed to do that “something” for myself today. So, I switched gears! Off with the golf attire, on with the yoga gear! Out the door into puddles and pouring rain!

Class went well; it was one of those classes when the rhythm and flow is as it should be. It was Bikram (hot) yoga and as my body warmed I felt the stiffness ease away along with the tension I always seem to carry in my neck and shoulders. When I stepped outside, the rain was like sunshine! I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and was fully aware of everyone else hunkered down with their coats and umbrellas as they scurried about to avoid the rain drops and cool autumn air. But I thought it felt great on my warm skin. I headed into the store with one thought in mind ….. Gladiolus. I need some big fun flowers! And there they were, as though the manager had read my mind – just inside the entrance and on sale to boot! Gladiolus, four big bunches of bright, tropical, vibrant flowers for $5! I knew it was going to be the perfect day! “They” say that rain is liquid sunshine and for me today, it was!

I like being open to “switching gears”; there just may be a reason. Being open and embracing changing up my day put a smile on my face that carried me through a glorious, gladiolus day!

By Christy Martin, Co-founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

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