Skeptic turns believer

Hello everyone! Snowy greetings from the Vail Valley, where today I awoke to the first snowfall on the peaks of the New York Mountain range!

I want to express my deepest gratitude and a huge heartfelt “thanks” to all of you for such an amazing healing experience at Women’s Empowerment Workshop!

I must admit that I am a born skeptic. I’m also a shy, private person and the thought of opening up in front of a large group is terrifying. So when I first received the information about Women’s Empowerment Workshop, I wasn’t sure it was right for me. But with each newsletter I received, I began to sense that the Workshop might really help me get unstuck from where I was in my life. I realized that it was time for me to try something new; to feel alive again; to try and regain some of that brass balls courage that my friends and family had always said I had, and which cancer had taken away from me. Finally, I took the leap and signed up for the Workshop, and I am so grateful I did!

It’s now been about three weeks since we were all seated around the opening circle that first night, each of us holding our own difficulty, challenge, or desire to explore our path more deeply. I stated my intention to the circle – to heal and feel alive again, not just be a zombie going through the motions of life. Sure enough, as the weekend progressed, I felt the collective loving energy that is generated when unconditional acceptance, openness and love are put forth for the purpose of healing and exploring. I can’t say that I have everything figured out yet, because each day brings new and interesting challenges. And of course, just when I think I’ve finished cleaning the proverbial fan, something else hits!

What I can say is that I have reopened the door to my true self again and gained a new prospective. I guess I just needed to be reminded that it’s OK not to be so guarded. That courage comes in so many different forms. That sometimes when people cry, they are crying tears of joy. And that no matter how many days I think that I might have left, to make sure to live each one of them fearlessly, with grace, love and gratitude. My life is far from perfect and my worries far from over. But I am in a newly acquired state of joy and am once again showing up for my own life! And I have Women’s Empowerment Workshop and all who attended to thank for that! Love, Tonie P.

By Tonie P., Women’s Empowerment Workshop Participant

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