Strength and Hope from a Pakistani Woman

Belonging to a modest family of a very small town of Pakistan and moving to a large city for professional and career building was never an

Shakeela Qureshi

easy task. It was not easy being a career-oriented woman where I am from; in fact you can say, it was not easy even being a woman in that society.

I have struggled a lot in my life and while facing the brutalities of life, have at least made myself strong enough to fight for my continued existence. Due to the male dominant society, the women of my society are used to depending on men in their families for all of their decisions throughout life. When I started my career in the city far away from my home town, I was very frightened for I had to live without my family and face life all alone. Now it’s been five years and I have worked a lot to get rid of my fears but still there is something that has been concealed within my mind and that sometimes terrifies me and shatters my confidence. This dilemma is a big obstacle towards my professional and career growth because I have to work parallel with men in a male dominant society.

I wanted to overcome my fears and want to empower myself in making my own professional and personal decisions. I came across the Women’s Empowerment Workshop on the Internet, and was very thrilled to know about the interesting way of coaching through nature. So, I have decided to join it this year.

I hope that this workshop will help me to get out of my internal fears leading me towards my personal as well as career growth.”

by Shakeela Qureshi of Lahone, Pakistan (a 2012 WEW participant)

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