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The very best part of the weeks and months leading up to Women’s Empowerment Workshop is talking with so many diverse, sincere, talented, questing women! Some we meet during our networking events, others through our outreach and many who call us wanting to learn more about this unique experience we call WEW.

The women who have registered for this year’s event are of all ages and all paths of life, from young college grads to grandmothers, entrepreneurs, artists and business women. They come from all over the U.S. and even Pakistan!

Their commonality is that they yearn to enrich themselves and reach their full potential in life. And they are eager to do this in the dynamic atmosphere of nature-based activities and in a circle of women peers and mentors. They all are excited to take an important step for themselves by saying YES to the workshop. And the best part of talking with these women is hearing the conversation change, from initial hesitant interest – Should I really be investing so much in myself? – to the bursting excitement of realizing that indeed, it is the best investment they can make, then to their growing strength and anticipation as they begin envisioning themselves at the workshop.

The women if WEW make a choice to invest in Self that gives them an instant sense of freedom and empowerment! Taking this step puts them into a new space of potency created by taking sovereignty over their lives, whether they need a deserved vacation or are in a place of transition. Suddenly, they are the top priority and the magic begins. We say YES to that!

With just a few spots left in the workshop, and a few dollars left in the scholarship fund, we encourage you to make yourself your priority. Go for it! Invest in you and we will too. Say YES and join us in Vail, Sept. 13-16 for an amazing and transformational experience you’ll never forget. Call and let’s chat if you like, 970.328.5472. Registration ends Sept. 4. Hope to see you soon!

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