Experiencing Magic and Hope at WEW

Wow! September was an incredible month here at Women’s Empowerment Workshop. We had a profoundly moving and beautiful event in Vail, CO. It was a magical time for everyone! I am humbled and elated by witnessing the responses, insights, ‘aha’ moments, tears, hugs, and laughter that come with women connecting deeply to nature, to each other and discovering their own personal power and confidence. If you missed this retreat in 2012, mark your calendar for Sept. 11-15, 2013.

Look for more retreats in 2013 from Women’s Empowerment Workshop. In March, I’m honored to co-facilitate a “Heroine’s Journey” retreat in Costa Rica with Victoria Fittsmilgrim of True Life Coaching. Learn more about this exciting retreat on Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. MST, and sign up for the info call at www.womenempower.us. If you have a daughter or a mom, save next Mother’s Day for a special mother/daughter retreat at the Vail Racquet Club in the heart of the Rockies. Expect sweet moments, challenges, communication skills, and using nature to deepen into yourself and into this most primary relationship.

And speaking of Mothers, I was honored to present “Connecting to the Soul of Nature” at the Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah. This inspiring event brought 150 women together from all over the world to create a Declaration of Rights for all living beings. We began with the concept of looking ahead 200 years and answering our descendents: “What did you do 200 years ago to give me the earth I have today?”

It was a chilling question as it asked us each to stand in our truth about how we live and how – or if – we contribute to solutions to the myriad environmental and social problems facing our world today. It caused me to think deeply again about the legacy I’m leaving, not in terms of a college fund or nice house for my children, but a much broader, more impactful legacy that will be inherited by all descendents, all living beings, and by the very earth/Mother herself. What will those descendents say about my presence on the planet today?

Now when I look into the mirror each day, I see all living beings looking back at me from 200 years hence and asking me to be accountable. And honestly, being accountable to the future is the least I can do. So I dive deeper into my passion and rededicate my life energy to connecting people to the web of life, to nature and to their own limitless possibilities to grow and serve. And I ask others to consider, “What legacy do you want to leave?”

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