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My first thought this morning was, “I’m going on a mother/daughter adventure!” My eldest daughter, Meadow, and I will be trekking through the rollicking, diverse wild lands of the Peruvian Andes and exploring the deepest canyon in the world in the southern Peruvian plains. With Meadow’s bold spirit of at my side, it’s sure to be a nature adventure to remember. “Everything is packed,” I thought, as I reviewed my stuff sack of tools- head lamp, utility knife, water filter, etc. Then I paused. What spiritual tools will I be bringing on this trip?

In my experience, no matter where we go – to the corner grocery or a far corner of the world – our spiritual tool belt needs to be well-stocked every day. Breath, Grounding, Self-awareness and Intuition, sharpened for the situations around us, emotional and physical. I have noticed that when traveling abroad, this heightened awareness can make a huge difference in the flow and experience of a trip. And it’s really no different at home. Being attuned to our surroundings, to the natural world, to our mate, our family members, those in our workplace and community offers us so many opportunities to give, and to receive. It connects us more deeply to the wholeness of life. Most importantly, we become more connected to Source within us – to our own capacity for love.

Daily practice replenishes our spiritual tool belt and deepens our experience, regardless of how mundane life may feel. In every moment and action, by being fully present, we have choice about our experience. So don’t forget to put Empowered Choice into your tool belt each day.

You don’t have to go to Peru to experience profound adventure. Yet, I’m delighted to touch into ancient Incan spirit, play with my ex-pat daughter, and practice with her many of the activities we’ll be presenting during my next adventure, the Heart 2 Heart mother/daughter adventure retreat coming up May 17-19 in Vail, CO. And…I think I’ll toss my travel Yoga mat into my suitcase!

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