Mindfulness Meditation Techniques: Grounding. How it works in nature

Susie Kincade with mom, Phyllis, after a day of Deep Grounding together.

We talk a lot about Grounding in our workshops. Usually we are outdoors and can feel the deep connection between our feet and bodies with the earth, as our heart and brain synch up with the very pulse and electromagnetic wavelength of the earth. This is sometimes referred to as breathing with the Earth. It’s no coincidence that this wavelength, known as the Schumann Resonance matches that of the human brain’s Alpha wavelength, our meditative state. No wonder being in and with nature feels so great, right? That “synch-up” feeling is a remarkable energy exchange, but what’s even more exciting and useful is when we can retrieve that sensation and connection in an instant throughout a busy day. That’s where the magic lies!

When we fully embody an energetic or physical experience like deep grounding, it becomes part of our system – sort of like speed dial on a phone. With the push of a button – in this case simply activating our intention to reconnect to a deep grounding experience – we can drop in directly once again. Why? Because we have body memory, cellular memory if you will, which we can tap into over and over again. And each time we do, we deepen the memory, grow the experience, flex this particular energetic muscle, and sharpen our tool of Grounding.

Recently I visited my parents, who are well into the last chapter of their life. Their health is declining rapidly; Dad’s cognition is failing; and Mom is in the final, dark stages of her journey with Alzheimer’s. She is rarely present anymore and Dad is distant, closed off due to the pain of caring for and witnessing his love of 70 years slip away from him. For me, deep grounding is the only thing that keeps the situation tenable. It keeps the surreal in focus and moves the pain into a manageable place. In preparing for this latest visit, I went into a deep grounding exercise and pulled an intention card: Acceptance. The touchstone of these two together, Acceptance and deep connection to the earth, buoyed me through one of the toughest visits ever.

Beyond sustaining me in difficult times, deep grounding revitalizes me: it gives me Hope, embodied in the regeneration and rebirth cycle of the natural world and the earth Herself. When tapped into nature and Gaia I am also connected with the universal Oneness of all living beings, with the cycle of life, the healing properties of the living system, and the magic of feeling my place and seeing my parents’ place in the vast web of life. I gain perspective and in doing so step out of the pain of my personal loss.

I’m excited to guide men and women to learn deep grounding and feel the healing and peace that it can bring. My colleague, Kimberlie Chenoweth, founder of The Wholeness Project, and I will offer a fun and exploratory co-ed workshop on this foundational tool on February 23 in Eagle CO. We hope you’ll join us for this full day of deep discovery and knowing. Learn more and register here.

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