Outdoor Women Adventure: Change and Transition on the River

CanyonLodoreAs we prepare for the River Wisdom women’s adventure retreat July 2-7, the  voices of the rivers are rising all around me. The rivers are waking up as the Rocky Mountain snowpack melts. Streams swell overnight, running red with silt, and rush forward on their journey. This seasonal change profoundly transforms the landscape, washing away the old and bringing life to new growth.

This season, what landscapes are transforming in your life? What transitions and shifts are happening that are calling you to change? How are you navigating this change? Where is the flow in your life?

As I watch the small creek behind my home transform into a rushing river it reminds me of times when life is going along smoothly, peacefully, and suddenly erupts into a raging uncontrollable mess. Lessons I’ve learned from the river help me recognize and scout many of these events, quell any panic, and use my inner wisdom to find the best way through the chaos.

River wisdom runs deep. When we’re on the river, we find the flow within our being. We learn how to trust ourselves, how to find places of peace within, and how to access our deep pools of wisdom. When we float on the river a magical transition to “river time” moves us into a different realm of direct connection to nature. Unplugged from our technological world and immersed in the flow of the river, we play, rest, explore, and rediscover our profound connection to and place in the web of life.

With the help of life coaches and wilderness guides, your journey on the River Wisdom Retreat will transform your life! You’ll learn by experience how to scout your rapids and how to take time to find the cool, peaceful places within yourself that serve to rejuvenate your being. This journey will wash away the old and prepare you for new growth as you learn to navigate change with beauty and grace.

What can you learn from the River? Please join our free informational call: Tues., April 22 at 6:00 p.m. MDT. Early bird pricing ends May 1. Learn more here.

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