Introducing a WEW Soul Mate ~ Reina Cottier

By Susie Kincade, Founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Reina Cottier

Isn’t life a grand adventure! Whether we’re in retreat mode or simply walking in nature; working at our desk, hugging a child, climbing a mountain, or swimming in the ocean, sometimes the Universe aligns and we feel absolutely empowered through our connection to everything; firmly planted and thriving in the web of life. I love it!

I had just such an experience this week when I was doing my daily research and exploration of humpback whales in preparation for our Ocean Wisdom Retreat this September 12-19. Surfing the web, I met a soul mate who was at that moment surfing the waves off New Zealand.  Artist Reina Cottier.  Within hours we were talking across the oceans, seasons, datelines.

Simply put, Reina paints my soul connection to the natural world. She even incorporates the very words that I use in my coaching! Like me, she’s raising wonderful daughters who are free, wild-hearted and already deeply connected to the natural world. Like me, she’s deeply committed to healing this living being of a planet we call home.

Meet my friend, Reina Cottier, now the official artist of WEW’s Ocean Wisdom Retreat, our whale and ocean-connection retreat in Tonga, Polynesia. Reina has graciously offered her artwork in support of Women’s Empowerment Workshop. Here’s  a bit about her.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Reina Cottier lives in Tairua between majestic crystal filled mountains and a wild surf beach that inspire her soulful abstract nature paintings. She has been painting for 7 years, and from the start she was drawn to themes strongly associated with different cultures, particularly Maori and Pacifica, along with surf, sun, and nature. The koru (spiral) is a prominent feature that emerges in most of her paintings and has become the feature symbol in her artwork, along with strong ocean themes, which have evolved into oceanic creatures. A strong sense of energy and flow is evident in all her works. Connecting people and nature, Reina’s artwork inspires and flows from the very animals and environments she brings to our soul.

See Reina’s Art Gallery and enjoy surfing Reina’s website and FaceBook page. I trust you’ll be as inspired by her work as am I.

Reina Cottier Art

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