Top 10 Things I Learned From My Dad

The relationship between fathers and daughters profoundly effects a girl’s healthy path in life. Having lost my Dad last year, I’m taking time to cherish the gifts he gave me along the way: my love of adventure and the mountains and oceans, surfing, rafting, climbing and skiing. He always believed in my physical and intellectual ability, whether I was aiming for the Olympics or a career advancement. As girls and women, we need confidence instilled within because there will be plenty of doubters on the outside. So thanks, Dad, for all the ways you supported me in my life!

This year I dedicate my Chrysalis Circle Girls Empowerment Camp, June 13-18, to my father. I invite Dads everywhere to consider how they want their daughter to grow up. Don’t you want your daughter to be self-confident, empowered, curious about the world and resilient in it? That’s what we deliver at Chrysalis Circle, our nature-based empowerment camp for girls 6th-12th grade.

Here are the top ten lessons I learned from my Dad

  1. Be kind. This will come back to you; it always does.
  2. Always look forward and let go of the past.
  3. Hard work will make your luck. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing the best you can.
  4. Be self-confident and follow your dreams no matter how big they are. If you face difficulties on your way, and you will, work harder, be strong and optimistic. Keep going!
  5. Adventure and explore the world! Travel expands the mind and your horizons.
  6. A loving relationship with your partner is an important foundation. One day, you’ll find the right person; commit fully when you do and share your whole life with them. (Dad and Mom were together for 70 years!)
  7. “This too shall pass.” Try not to stress when something is not going well for you. Every problem in the world has its solution, and often the solution is Time.
  8. Listen to what others have to say and respect their opinion. However, that does not mean that you have to accept it.
  9. Take risks and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We’re humans; we learn from our missteps and become more responsible, aware, and smarter.
  10. Grow your courage. You need it to take those risks.


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