Recipe for Successful New Year’s Intentions



Susie Kincade, Dec. 28, 2016

cake-750x450It’s that fabulous time of year again when we put the past to bed, and envision what we might want to do or be differently in the coming year. We use this calendar opportunity to open the door to unlimited possibilities! Seeds we plant in the Winter Solstice or New Year can lead to amazing growth in the new year. Or, if we’re not careful, those “resolutions” can lead to self-criticism and a sense of unworthiness if we don’t carry them past the initial, exciting inspiration stage.


So take the pressure off! Live in the Possibility. Avoid the let down of unfulfilled promises to yourself. Be realistic and human in creating those promises by holding them as INTENTIONS rather than as Resolutions. Intention, with the proper Attention can be our greatest change agent and ally. It leads us to change, with NO Tension, anxiety or stress around it.


Here’s a tried and true recipe from my spiritual kitchen to yours:


Ingredients for creating a Bountiful Intention:

Desire: Select a plump, ripe action, practice, awareness, or change you’d like to bring to your life. Choose one bursting with the juice of Desire!

Attention/Self-awareness: Time-release daily dose is essential; don’t bother with the cheap stuff as it has a short shelf-life. Read ingredients carefully as some varieties of Attention/Self-awareness can be heavily laced with toxic components of self-criticism or doubt.

Heap of Gratitude: For all the blessings in your life.  Again, don’t go cheap here – acquire the time-release kind that weaves with every breath you take. Totally worth the investment!

Lump of humor (add to taste)

Dash of playfulness (add to taste)

Chunk of courage (no change recipe is complete without it)

Sprinkle of Faith: secret ingredient – very powerful!



  1. Prep: First, pre-heat your inner fire and prepare your heart with an outing in Nature to get in touch with your connection to Source and the Oneness. Ask, listen, discern!
  2. Once you have a clear intention post it, speak it, make it into an affirmation that you see multiple times a day.
  3. Share it out loud with a trusted friend or mate (your accountability buddy)
  4. Next, combine all the other ingredients.
  5. Add to your intention and stir well and often.
  6. Do this every day, week, moment, breath
  7. Bake a little more each day until your whole being is infused with the essence of transformation.

Savor and Share this new you lovingly with the world.

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