Beauty from Pain – The Chrysalis Circle Story

by Susie Kincade, March 1, 2017tree hugger


It is said that great beauty comes from great pain. It’s true for childbirth to be sure, and for many other of life’s painful episodes. Chrysalis Circle for Girls was birthed from the lessons and self-growth I experienced after the biggest transition in my life – getting divorced. It wasn’t pretty, but I survived and learned to single-parent my daughters, run my ranch and renew my career. Sadly, though, one of my girls really suffered. I saw her slipping away little by little, which triggered the Mother Bear in me. My job was to PROTECT my children, especially as they stand on the edge of an abyss. Something had to give, and I knew it was me.


I began a three-year spiritual program that focused on bringing forth the Divine Feminine – that creative, nurturing, receptive aspect we all have within (yes, men and Gaia Earth too!). I shifted my approach to life from the prevailing masculine paradigm of dominance/controller to that of balanced masculine/feminine energy. I learned to conduct ceremony, and call on nature for rejuvenation, wisdom and support. My daughter improved as I grew into a more whole, balanced, nurturing woman. She eventually pulled herself into the light of her wholeness, beauty and individuality as a woman. I saved us both by being willing to change who I was.


My growth catapulted me onto a new life path as a nature-connected coach and retreat facilitator. I knew if I passed along to girls the wisdom I gained through my life journey, perhaps they wouldn’t have the challenges my daughter experienced. Chrysalis Circle and Women’s Empowerment Workshop (WEW) were born! Using Nature to inform, nurture, add creativity and balance to everything we do gave Chrysalis and all WEW programs an instant path to success.


Now in its 9th year, Chrysalis Circle has touched the lives of hundreds of girls and their families. The girls LOVE receiving women’s wisdom while adventuring in nature and seeing that they are an integral part of it. They learn to be strong, confident and resilient, and yet remain open to their nurturing, creative, growing femininity. They acquire tools for making powerful choices, and discover that they are sovereign over their choices, their bodies, their Selves.


Chrysalis girls tell me things like: “I learned that I get to choose how to respond in my life,” and “I learned how to communicate in a better more authentic way with my parents and friends.”


Chrysalis Moms tell me, “Wow! My daughter has changed!” and “I wish I had this wisdom when I was a girl! I would have made different, more confident choices in my life.”


Help us reconnect girls to this earth and all of Gaia’s beautiful, creative magic. Help us show them that they can be empowered and confident, and that they don’t have to give that away to anyone. Help them experience the thrill of pushing their limits and finding their center, their voice, their inner knowing.


Please join Chrysalis Circle as a donor so we can provide scholarships to girls who otherwise couldn’t access this program. Help create a more balanced world, one girl at a time. Thank you for helping us spread the word about this powerful program for middle and high school girls! Please visit our campaign page HERE and share this with others. Thank you!

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