Transitions: A Tip From Nature

By Susie Kincade, May 1, 2017

budding flowers

Watching nature transition to spring here in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is always an adventure. The songbirds trickle back. The first whir of a hummingbird causes my heart to thump. New plants burst forth from the warm dirt. Wrinkled, bright green leaves magically unfold into the world like the newborns they are. Nature does not resist its why do humans often struggle so? One of the great things about being human is we have the power of choice – maybe not about what happens in the world but certainly how we respond to it. Your empowered Will, Awareness, and Belief can create your Experience of the world around you.

Transitions are with us every day. From the ‘biggies’ like marriage, divorce, empty nest,  death of a loved one, to simple transitions from home to work, or school to home. There are global transitions to consider these days too and these create a field of energy of their own. Change isn’t always easy and that’s why transitions pose such a continuous challenge for us in life. So how do we stay centered and our highest and best self in the midst of all the change in our lives? Here’s a powerful practice I learned during my Ceremonial Arts training that will help you respond to life’s changes in an empowered way.


First we need to have the WILL to choose how we meet life. Are we guiding our own ship or are we simply being tossed in the waves of whatever happens to us? If you’re ready to take the helm of your life’s boat, that’s the first step.


Next is AWARENESS, in every breath, every day. Notice if you feel like life is happening “to” you or whether you are creating your life. How are you responding to events – as a victim? Or with perspective, pause and consideration?


Do you BELIEVE that you can control your responses to transition and change in life? Belief is a powerful source of energy and motivation.


WILL + AWARENESS + BELIEF = EXPERIENCE in and of the world. This equation demonstrates the power of personal choice. It looks pretty simple and, when practiced, it really is. Know that you have the choice of how you navigate your world. Nature knows how to flow with change, and because we are nature, so do we. So next time you feel the uncertainty of change or transition, replace that wobbly feeling with your practice of  WABE!


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