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Natural Shamanism

Natural Shamanism

By Susie Kincade, January 15, 2018 is the January new moon, a time of lunar beginnings, of gaining insight from the darkness. I began this year by walking with the goddess, Sophia, Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia – she has many names. I took a shamanic journey deep into the womb of the earth, into the womb of my soul, planting what I want to grow in my life, in the world. I never dreamed that I would have to experience this journey physically, digging a hole in the frozen earth and placing a beloved being into it. But I opened this door on my shamanic journey with Sophia, and the energy that I invoked was powerful. On some level, this visceral embodiment was necessary for me to know Sophia, in all her aspects.

Like all beings, Mishka radiated life! He was my spirit dog, loyal companion, co-facilitator, intuitive healer. He chose to teach and heal many women and girls in his 14-year-life, including me, over and over. His thick, soft coat held thousands of tears and offered humans a secure grip on warmth, presence, unconditional love.

He adopted us 13 years ago, arriving on our doorstep Thanksgiving Day. My daughter returned home from her sophomore year in college that day too, shattered by a suicide in her dormitory. She was the Resident Assistant and felt responsible for not having read the warning signs. She was broken inside, suffering as we do when our belief in the good in the world is crushed and we face the reality that darkness accompanies light in full measure.

Mishka playfully sized up the whole family, bounding joyfully around us, playing and barking excitedly. Then he sprang into my daughter’s arms and that’s where he stayed for the next six weeks, licking her tears and loving her into wholeness. He slept with her, read books with her, took long walks with her, and helped her find her smile. She returned to school in January, once again able to feel the power of love and light.

This was the first of many Mishka healings I witnessed. He regularly sensed the person in any group who was suffering and gently settled in her lap. He got a massage and she received love and gratitude simply for being who she was – a worthy human being. And so the healing began.

Sophia is about the entire web of life, the cycles of nature, the earth as an extraordinary living being, full of ecosystems not unlike our own human bodies. Contacting her is easy when we look at nature, feel the rain or snow on our face, smile at another human being, dig our fingers into the warm coat of a dear canine friend, say goodbye to a loved one… when we CONNECT to the Oneness.

As I laid my beloved spirit dog into the bosom of the living body of Gaia Sophia, I felt his spirit next to me, and saw him running on the path along the creek, bounding into the stars. My entire body and spirit felt him telling me, “I am here. I’ve always been here. I’ll always be here. Trust that.”  And so it is.

Shamanism is sacred, involved, and potentially very powerful, as in the case with the journey I invoked with Sophia. We call in unseen energies and work with them, which takes training and great care. In our culture, “Shamanism” has become a mainstream ‘pop’ reference to most anything spiritual but it is much deeper, more complicated than that.  Join me for a course in Natural Shamanism starting Feb. 4. This 4-month intensive coaching program will be a deep exploration of your inner wisdom. Learn powerful tools to know your authentic self, your shadow and light. Find your guides; begin to understand and harness the power of ceremony and ritual. Use nature, intuition, and energy to open to the intelligence that is within and all around us. This is the art of natural shamanism. Register today for this unique and empowering course!

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Let’s get REAL here. The Post-Holiday Blues is a real thing. The holidays are often about expectations and when reality falls short, the let-down can be tough. I’m feeling it right now. The family connections didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. It was a lot of work and money, and most didn’t seem to notice or acknowledge the many extra touches I put into our home, the meals, the planning, etc. Add the loss of my best four-legged friend and frankly, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. My first thought was, “What’s the point? Another day, another year.” And I instantly recognized the Blues.

If you’ve ever felt this way – at any time of year – there are organic ways to reclaim your equilibrium and balance. I’m using all my tools right now, and here are the top 5 things I do to beat the blues and find my groove.

  1. Look in the mirror and say: “I love you (your name) .” Feels weird maybe? Then do it again, smiling as though you were talking to a dear friend. We can’t always count on others to express their love for us but we can love ourselves. Giving yourself that love and kindness is big medicine.
  2. Go outside. It doesn’t matter if it is 50 degrees or minus 5, take time each day to go outside and feel the elements:
    • Earth: Feel it below your feet, or lean against a tree and touch into its sleeping limbs, its alive roots. Life, vibrancy, growth is there. Take it in through Nature.
    • Air: Crisp or hot, feel it on your skin, in your hair, through your nostrils. Welcome each deep breath as a new beginning. You are here. It is now. Listen for a winter bird, a chickadee, crow or jay. They carry on, going about the day’s business, foraging and flitting about. Let them inspire you.
    • Water: Snow, ice, rain, a stream burbling under its frozen surface – offer it Love and Gratitude. Acknowledge that your body is 75% water, and send love and gratitude to the waters within you.
    • Fire: Feel the sun on your face. If it’s not sunny, feel your inner warmth; your body working on your behalf. Even when we don’t feel energized, our body chugs away, using energy, creating heat. You’re alive and here. Honor your body with Gratitude.
  3. Laugh! Really, just laugh, even if you are faking it. I’m fake laughing as I write this. I can feel my body responding as happy hormones are released. Ahhhh…I am tingly inside now; warmer, and the smile is lingering on my face. I just broke the “woe is me” brain pattern and tricked my brain into running the “I’m happy!” pattern. I feel lighter, better!
  4. Have gentle patience and nurture yourself. Do your self-care: yoga, meditation, a candlelight bath, vitamins (especially D in winter). Exercise in a way you love, preferably outside. Eat well, lay off the alcohol, sugar, and media.
  5. Reconnect with a friend in need, or an organization that could use a volunteer. Helping others reminds us that we are all part of the same web of life, connected. When we help others, we help ourselves!

With these daily practices, your mood will start to lift. You’ll take control of your blue mood by grounding into your physical body, nurturing yourself, laughing, helping others. You’ll be ready to get back in touch with your passionate heart, your vibrant life.

Like pulling your foot our of a mud-suck – schluuurp – you’ll free yourself emotionally so that you can look ahead, find your groove, and create your desired life!

May we all have a have a strong, resilient, joyful 2018!

Transitions: A Tip From Nature

By Susie Kincade, May 1, 2017

budding flowers

Watching nature transition to spring here in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is always an adventure. The songbirds trickle back. The first whir of a hummingbird causes my heart to thump. New plants burst forth from the warm dirt. Wrinkled, bright green leaves magically unfold into the world like the newborns they are. Nature does not resist its why do humans often struggle so? One of the great things about being human is we have the power of choice – maybe not about what happens in the world but certainly how we respond to it. Your empowered Will, Awareness, and Belief can create your Experience of the world around you.

Transitions are with us every day. From the ‘biggies’ like marriage, divorce, empty nest,  death of a loved one, to simple transitions from home to work, or school to home. There are global transitions to consider these days too and these create a field of energy of their own. Change isn’t always easy and that’s why transitions pose such a continuous challenge for us in life. So how do we stay centered and our highest and best self in the midst of all the change in our lives? Here’s a powerful practice I learned during my Ceremonial Arts training that will help you respond to life’s changes in an empowered way.


First we need to have the WILL to choose how we meet life. Are we guiding our own ship or are we simply being tossed in the waves of whatever happens to us? If you’re ready to take the helm of your life’s boat, that’s the first step.


Next is AWARENESS, in every breath, every day. Notice if you feel like life is happening “to” you or whether you are creating your life. How are you responding to events – as a victim? Or with perspective, pause and consideration?


Do you BELIEVE that you can control your responses to transition and change in life? Belief is a powerful source of energy and motivation.


WILL + AWARENESS + BELIEF = EXPERIENCE in and of the world. This equation demonstrates the power of personal choice. It looks pretty simple and, when practiced, it really is. Know that you have the choice of how you navigate your world. Nature knows how to flow with change, and because we are nature, so do we. So next time you feel the uncertainty of change or transition, replace that wobbly feeling with your practice of  WABE!


Empower yourself around transitions as you return to natural magic of change in our COURAGEOUS TRANSITIONS RETREAT, July 12-17; AWAKEN YOUR FEMININE Workshop, May 13; and our RIVER RENEWAL RETREAT, August 25-27.


Empower your Daughter around choice, voice, and knowing who they are in our CATERPILLARS CAMP, June 5-7, and CHRYSALIS CIRCLE CAMP, June 12 – 17.

Beauty from Pain – The Chrysalis Circle Story

by Susie Kincade, March 1, 2017tree hugger


It is said that great beauty comes from great pain. It’s true for childbirth to be sure, and for many other of life’s painful episodes. Chrysalis Circle for Girls was birthed from the lessons and self-growth I experienced after the biggest transition in my life – getting divorced. It wasn’t pretty, but I survived and learned to single-parent my daughters, run my ranch and renew my career. Sadly, though, one of my girls really suffered. I saw her slipping away little by little, which triggered the Mother Bear in me. My job was to PROTECT my children, especially as they stand on the edge of an abyss. Something had to give, and I knew it was me.


I began a three-year spiritual program that focused on bringing forth the Divine Feminine – that creative, nurturing, receptive aspect we all have within (yes, men and Gaia Earth too!). I shifted my approach to life from the prevailing masculine paradigm of dominance/controller to that of balanced masculine/feminine energy. I learned to conduct ceremony, and call on nature for rejuvenation, wisdom and support. My daughter improved as I grew into a more whole, balanced, nurturing woman. She eventually pulled herself into the light of her wholeness, beauty and individuality as a woman. I saved us both by being willing to change who I was.


My growth catapulted me onto a new life path as a nature-connected coach and retreat facilitator. I knew if I passed along to girls the wisdom I gained through my life journey, perhaps they wouldn’t have the challenges my daughter experienced. Chrysalis Circle and Women’s Empowerment Workshop (WEW) were born! Using Nature to inform, nurture, add creativity and balance to everything we do gave Chrysalis and all WEW programs an instant path to success.


Now in its 9th year, Chrysalis Circle has touched the lives of hundreds of girls and their families. The girls LOVE receiving women’s wisdom while adventuring in nature and seeing that they are an integral part of it. They learn to be strong, confident and resilient, and yet remain open to their nurturing, creative, growing femininity. They acquire tools for making powerful choices, and discover that they are sovereign over their choices, their bodies, their Selves.


Chrysalis girls tell me things like: “I learned that I get to choose how to respond in my life,” and “I learned how to communicate in a better more authentic way with my parents and friends.”


Chrysalis Moms tell me, “Wow! My daughter has changed!” and “I wish I had this wisdom when I was a girl! I would have made different, more confident choices in my life.”


Help us reconnect girls to this earth and all of Gaia’s beautiful, creative magic. Help us show them that they can be empowered and confident, and that they don’t have to give that away to anyone. Help them experience the thrill of pushing their limits and finding their center, their voice, their inner knowing.


Please join Chrysalis Circle as a donor so we can provide scholarships to girls who otherwise couldn’t access this program. Help create a more balanced world, one girl at a time. Thank you for helping us spread the word about this powerful program for middle and high school girls! Please visit our campaign page HERE and share this with others. Thank you!

Recipe for Successful New Year’s  Intentions



Susie Kincade, Dec. 28, 2016

cake-750x450It’s that fabulous time of year again when we put the past to bed, and envision what we might want to do or be differently in the coming year. We use this calendar opportunity to open the door to unlimited possibilities! Seeds we plant in the Winter Solstice or New Year can lead to amazing growth in the new year. Or, if we’re not careful, those “resolutions” can lead to self-criticism and a sense of unworthiness if we don’t carry them past the initial, exciting inspiration stage.


So take the pressure off! Live in the Possibility. Avoid the let down of unfulfilled promises to yourself. Be realistic and human in creating those promises by holding them as INTENTIONS rather than as Resolutions. Intention, with the proper Attention can be our greatest change agent and ally. It leads us to change, with NO Tension, anxiety or stress around it.


Here’s a tried and true recipe from my spiritual kitchen to yours:


Ingredients for creating a Bountiful Intention:

Desire: Select a plump, ripe action, practice, awareness, or change you’d like to bring to your life. Choose one bursting with the juice of Desire!

Attention/Self-awareness: Time-release daily dose is essential; don’t bother with the cheap stuff as it has a short shelf-life. Read ingredients carefully as some varieties of Attention/Self-awareness can be heavily laced with toxic components of self-criticism or doubt.

Heap of Gratitude: For all the blessings in your life.  Again, don’t go cheap here – acquire the time-release kind that weaves with every breath you take. Totally worth the investment!

Lump of humor (add to taste)

Dash of playfulness (add to taste)

Chunk of courage (no change recipe is complete without it)

Sprinkle of Faith: secret ingredient – very powerful!



  1. Prep: First, pre-heat your inner fire and prepare your heart with an outing in Nature to get in touch with your connection to Source and the Oneness. Ask, listen, discern!
  2. Once you have a clear intention post it, speak it, make it into an affirmation that you see multiple times a day.
  3. Share it out loud with a trusted friend or mate (your accountability buddy)
  4. Next, combine all the other ingredients.
  5. Add to your intention and stir well and often.
  6. Do this every day, week, moment, breath
  7. Bake a little more each day until your whole being is infused with the essence of transformation.

Savor and Share this new you lovingly with the world.


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