Grounding…how it really works.

by Susie Kincade, WEW Founder, Feb. 1, 2014

Susie Kincade with mom, Phyllis, after a day of Deep Grounding together.


We talk a lot about Grounding in our workshops. Usually we are outdoors and can feel the deep connection between our feet and bodies with the earth, as our heart and brain synch up with the very pulse and electromagnetic wavelength of the earth. This is sometimes referred to as breathing with the Earth. It’s no coincidence that this wavelength, known as the Schumann Resonance matches that of the human brain’s Alpha wavelength, our meditative state. No wonder being in and with nature feels so great, right? That “synch-up” feeling is a remarkable energy exchange, but what’s even more exciting and useful is when we can retrieve that sensation and connection in an instant throughout a busy day. That’s where the magic lies!

When we fully embody an energetic or physical experience like deep grounding, it becomes part of our system – sort of like speed dial on a phone. With the push of a button – in this case simply activating our intention to reconnect to a deep grounding experience – we can drop in directly once again. Why? Because we have body memory, cellular memory if you will, which we can tap into over and over again. And each time we do, we deepen the memory, grow the experience, flex this particular energetic muscle, and sharpen our tool of Grounding.

Recently I visited my parents, who are well into the last chapter of their life. Their health is declining rapidly; Dad’s cognition is failing; and Mom is in the final, dark stages of her journey with Alzheimer’s. She is rarely present anymore and Dad is distant, closed off due to the pain of caring for and witnessing his love of 70 years slip away from him. For me, deep grounding is the only thing that keeps the situation tenable. It keeps the surreal in focus and moves the pain into a manageable place. In preparing for this latest visit, I went into a deep grounding exercise and pulled an intention card: Acceptance. The touchstone of these two together, Acceptance and deep connection to the earth, buoyed me through one of the toughest visits ever.

Beyond sustaining me in difficult times, deep grounding revitalizes me: it gives me Hope, embodied in the regeneration and rebirth cycle of the natural world and the earth Herself. When tapped into nature and Gaia I am also connected with the universal Oneness of all living beings, with the cycle of life, the healing properties of the living system, and the magic of feeling my place and seeing my parents’ place in the vast web of life. I gain perspective and in doing so step out of the pain of my personal loss.

I’m excited to guide men and women to learn deep grounding and feel the healing and peace that it can bring. My colleague, Kimberlie Chenoweth, founder of The Wholeness Project, and I will offer a fun and exploratory co-ed workshop on this foundational tool on February 23 in Eagle CO. We hope you’ll join us for this full day of deep discovery and knowing.  Learn more and register here.


Jumpstarting the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

By Susie Kincade, WEW Founder

It’s early morning, crystalline air sparkling in the soft light as we head up the trail behind Ellen Miller and warm up for the day’s workout. The first words out of Ellen’s mouth set the tone for my day, indeed my week: “Aren’t we lucky to be here watching the sun rise over these beautiful mountains and feeling our hearts pump, our bodies work, our minds clear, and our spirit soar!” It’s not a question, it’s an affirmation and one I carry with me for the entire week.

A year ago I never dreamed I’d be trail running again. Too many years of abuse to my knees, ankles and feet had forced me to say goodbye to running forever, or so I thought. But here I stand a year later, in a different body, one that has been transformed at a cellular level by Ellen’s careful and systematic training. This petite and constantly cheerful woman knows her stuff. She has to because she has climbed some of the highest peaks in the world, and is in fact the only American woman to climb Everest from both the East and North sides. She guides treks, climbs in the Himalayas and coaches the U.S. Women’s Mountain Running Team. Miller lives and works in Vail as a fitness coach for people of all ability levels. She understands the value and necessity of conditioning and teaches it with enthusiasm and real expertise.

Ellen has been a guest speaker at Women’s Empowerment Workshop in the past, and returns on January 17, 2014, contributing to the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection workshop. She’ll bring her expertise about interval training for all ages and abilities, its benefits and how to approach it successfully. Believe me, this will be about more than simply how to run or hike up a trail.

What I love about our Monday morning outings goes far beyond the fact that I can feel the muscles in my heart strengthening. Or that we’re transforming our actual cells’ structure, gearing them to support a healthier body. Or even that we’re also re-patterning our mind to break through old boundaries. For me it’s about reconnecting with the natural world in a powerful way. It’s this spiritual connection that Ellen brings to her training that I value the most. Plunging through frosty sage with the sun’s first rays on my face, I feel alive, rejuvenated, reconnected – mind, body, spirit.

Please join us Jan. 17 in Eagle, CO for a day of mind, body, spirit connection. I’ll join Ellen with guided meditations, goal-setting and creating your 2014 Vision Board! Click here for details and to register.

Aftermath: Lessons from the Great Colorado Flood

9/23/13 by Susie Kincade, founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

I have just returned from and epic trip to Boulder, Colorado where I experienced the aftermath of the great floods there in a unique way. First I dropped off food and clothing for my family members who lost their home and escaped with nothing. Then I made my way to the StarHouse, a beautiful earth-based temple in the foothills above the city, where we walked the saturated land, prayed, and created ceremony for the earth and her denizens affected by the floods. The following day I was ordained in a sweet, blissful and powerful ceremony in which I renewed my vows to serve the Earth (Gaia Sophia). I slept under a brilliant full moon that night.

The next day I descended into Boulder to attend classes I am taking for Wilderness Therapy Guiding. The city felt fully cleansed physically. (18″ of rain in a matter of days will do that!)  And it was humming at a very palpable level. Emotions ran high, wild and varied, from grief, loss, anger, and guilt to hopelessness, solidarity and hopefulness.  Our classes, usually held outside up in the mountains were relocated to a little town called Niwot on the plains northeast of Boulder. There, the burbling Left Hand Creek had transformed into a raging, frothy, mud-filled torrential river. Huge cottonwood trees filled the current,  torn from the banks along the river’s new course that began high in the mountains to the west. Along the way the trees and other debris dammed up bridges and culverts pushing the muddy water up over the banks and into hundreds of homes, yards, fields, and ranches.

Standing by Left Hand Creek (now river), I considered the adage, “A Force of Nature.” There it was right in front of me, carving new landscapes every second. From the human lens, it was clearly a disaster. But from the lens of Nature, it simply was doing what it does. There was no malevolence, no intention to harm; the water had simply done what it was destined to do – run downhill – and had done it with a power that can only be found in the natural world. I felt humbled and small. I could share the grief and loss of the traumatized people around me as they stacked piece after piece of their lives onto great piles of mud-soaked debris. Yet, as a witness of the cleansing, carving, releasing power of water, I felt a somber knowing of the awesome force the natural world has and the humbling lessons it provides us.

I leaned against a giant cottonwood tree, formerly a central element of someone’s back yard but now at the very edge of the new riverbank. As I connected with this majestic tree my heart suddenly began to race. “What was that?” I wondered. Then I realized that it was the tree itself, traumatized in its own way by the disruption of its world. This giant, rooted being was actually trembling and I could feel it in my body. Once again, my deepest beliefs were reaffirmed:  that the earth is a living being and we are all connected to Her and to each other. We are not separate; our destinies are intertwined. When humans let go of the arrogant belief that we can dominate Nature and begin to intentionally live in right relationship with her, with respect and balance, amazing possibilities we can’t even imagine will open to us. For me, this was the lesson of the Great Colorado Flood of 2013.

What is Therapeutic About Nature?

by Susie Kincade, founder,

Women’s Empowerment Workshop

I was recently asked, “What is therapeutic about nature?” My response was, “What is not therapeutic about nature?” Every encounter with the natural world informs our existence. As a denizen of the web of life, our connection to everything in the natural world is inherently our connection to Self. Today’s “evolved” human, mistakenly feels separate from the natural world, above it in the sense that humans feel we can manipulate it to suit our needs. To some extent we have been able to do that, but only at a cost to our higher spiritual needs, and at a cost to the entire web of life.

Having just returned from a month in the tropics, I can feel the therapeutic, healing power of nature in every cell. Close and damp, filled with invigorating negative ions and teeming with life, the jungle pulses with the life-death-decay-rebirth cycle. One can feel the accelerated cycle; hear it in the hum of insects, call of the birds, the scratching of lizards, crabs and snakes in the dead leaves and the chatter of monkeys as they leap through the canopy. Sitting still amidst this pulsing life force, I felt my cells expand like tiny sponges plunged into water, each one sucking in a thriving connection to the life force all around me. On a cellular level I absorbed the pulsing web of life. I breathed differently, in tune to the jungle music. I sweated profusely, releasing toxins, each salty drop no doubt feeding some lichen or fungal denizen thirsty for what my body couldn’t use. Waterfalls splashed over me – rain the night before that had already traveled on myriad strands of the web before gravity caught it and sent it plummeting down limestone channels in the dense, fecund jungle. Scarlet macaws snapped almond pods, extracting the nut and sending the moist covering to the forest floor where ants hauled it away, some becoming dinner for a foraging skink, which in turn fed the hunting orange belly racer.

I was both witness and participant in this magnificent web and feeling this on a cellular level brought me to my essential human state – one of connectedness to all of life. This cellular wisdom is in itself healing, as it reconnects me to the wisdom of Mitakuyasin – All My Relations – an indigenous knowing that everything is connected.

I also just lost a beloved pet, a magnificent Great Dane named Moose, whose giant body was barely able to contain a heart so big that he literally touched thousands of people in his life. Our connection to pets is often one of the deepest relationships to nature we have. It serves as a reminder that some of our most profound emotions are due to connections we have to other beings in the web.

When humans understand that we are not separate, that what we do and how we behave impact the entire web of life, we will be healed. This relationship is a law of nature, I believe, and cannot be denied. This is a symbiotic healing relationship. We heal nature by healing ourselves; we heal ourselves by reconnecting to nature. In my experience and belief, this is fundamental wisdom that leads to deeper knowing and understanding of our human existence.

3.6.13 Spiritual Tools

by Susie Kincade, founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

My first thought this morning was, “I’m going on a mother/daughter adventure!” My eldest daughter, Meadow,  and I will be trekking through the rollicking, diverse wild lands of the Peruvian Andes  and exploring the deepest canyon in the world in the southern Peruvian plains. With Meadow’s  bold spirit of at my side, it’s sure to be a nature adventure to remember.  “Everything is packed,” I thought, as I reviewed my stuff sack of tools- head lamp, utility knife, water filter, etc. Then I paused. What spiritual tools will I be bringing on this trip?

In my experience, no matter where we go – to the corner grocery or a far corner of the world – our spiritual tool belt needs to be well-stocked every day. Breath, Grounding, Self-awareness and Intuition, sharpened for the situations around us, emotional and physical. I have noticed that when traveling abroad, this heightened awareness can make a huge difference in the flow and experience of a trip. And it’s really no different at home. Being attuned to our surroundings, to the natural world, to our mate, our family members, those in our workplace and community offers us so many opportunities to give, and to receive. It connects us more deeply to the wholeness of life. Most importantly, we become more connected to Source within us – to our own capacity for love.

Daily practice replenishes our spiritual tool belt and deepens our experience, regardless of how mundane life may feel. In every moment and action, by being fully present, we have choice about our experience. So don’t forget to put Empowered Choice into your tool belt each day.

You don’t have to go to Peru to experience profound adventure. Yet, I’m delighted to touch into ancient Incan spirit, play with my ex-pat daughter, and practice with her many of the activities we’ll be presenting during my next adventure,  the Heart 2 Heart mother/daughter adventure retreat coming up May 17-19 in Vail, CO.  And…I think I’ll toss my travel Yoga mat into my suitcase!


2/25/13  Full Circle…living in the moment.

by Susie Kincade, WEW Founder

As I return from a visit with my 86-year-old mother, I want to share a gift I’m receiving through her. Mom’s full, rich and wondrous life is winding down, and she is taking all her memories with her. Her incrementally progressive exit from this world over the past 10 years, with Alzheimer’s as her dark escort, has been a difficult process to witness. Yet the silver lining is the absolute reinforcement of the wisdom of living in the moment. For now, near the end of her story, the moment is all she has. And she is still so graceful and often quite witty in those moments!

When I acknowledge that this is the richness of her life today, this staccato of moments during which she is present, I can shift my interpretation of her situation. I don’t buy into the idea that it’s silly to take her here or there because she won’t remember it. That no longer matters. While it’s not about building memories with her anymore, it is about getting out, being stimulated, continuing to live in the world while she can. Because that enriches her body, mind and spirit, regardless of whether she is aware of it or not.  What an honor to reciprocate the nurture and care this wonderful woman gave me.

I don’t remember my days as an infant, but I know they had a profound effect on me, imprinting many of my deepest values. Mom rediscovered the world when she introduced her children to it. I did the same through daily outings with my babies. The first impressions on their brains were the sunshine through the trees, smiling faces, big furry animals with soft pink tongues, birdsong, snowflakes landing on their nose, sitting in sand or grass – and yes eating it too. What they took in on our daily explorations helped form who they are. Even though they don’t remember it, it is there, solid and real within them.

I know that Mom loves to watch the birds at her  feeder, trace the clouds’ journey across the sky, see snowflakes dance, and feel the warm sun on her face…because when I stop doing and am fully present with her, I love rediscovering these treasures together, just as she did with me, and I did with my children. That full circle of living in the moment and allowing the ‘isness’ of creation to be a part of my being is a gift from Mom that I will cherish forever.


12/19/12 Change, Resistance, Transformation – an end-of-year ritual

offered by Susie Kincade, Women’s Empowerment Workshop founder

“The only constant is Change.” This truism has been spoken by philosophers for thousands of years. I fully believe and embrace it. What would be the alternative? Resistance. We can choose to live in flow or in friction, the energy of resistance. There are times when that energy is required to survive, but most often we feel it when we are simply resisting the flow of change.  Embracing change in our life opens the door for transformation. I want to share a ritual that I have found that helps me embrace change and transformation, and it’s perfect for this time of year.

With winter’s long nights, we have the opportunity to rest more and go inward to see what changes we choose to evolve within us and in our life. Feeling “stuck” is often the result of not releasing those ways of being that no longer serve us, thus being in resistance to the flow of change.  This is a wonderful time to take inventory, release, and clear the decks for what’s to come.  Grab your journal, and get comfortable with your favorite music, a cup of tea and do a review of the past year.

First, make a note of your wonderful and gratifying successes! What actions, beliefs, practices brought you the most joy?  What seeds of change do you see emerging?

Next, what struggles did you encounter in the past year and what did you learn from them? Consciously release any self-judgment about these struggles. Focus on the gifts that you received.

Finally, on a separate piece of paper write the disappointments you want to release. What habits or patterns no longer serve your growth? Can you see resistance and its effects in the past year?

You may want to create a ritual with your partner or family where you each do this exploration separately and then gather to share what you discover. Make it a special occasion with candles, togetherness, and even a favorite dessert. Create ground rules together about family confidentiality, lots
of loving kindness and nobody being wrong.

Share in whatever way feels best to you. One way is to first share successes, then struggles/gifts, then talk about what you each want/need to release. At the end, create a small fire and, with conscious intention, burn your list of disappointments and resistance. Then celebrate your readiness to
embrace new growth and change in your life!

Enjoy this year-end ritual as it ushers in light, hope, joy and transformation. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at

11/22/12 Enjoy this special “Gratitude Ritual” today and every day.

A Gratitude Ritual

The beautiful gifts of gratitude begin at home
so today invite a healing to happen
in your own body
in your own consciousness
in your own loving heart
that feels blessed to be alive

Notice all the riches you’ve been given
the feet that allow you to stand
the legs that allow you to walk
the stomach that allows you to eat
the lungs that allow you to breathe
the throat that allows you to speak
the mouth that allows you to taste
the nose that allows you to smell
the eyes that allow you to see
and your beating heart
that allows you to love
Honor them all

Become present to the treasures of your life
the opportunities that you have been given
the ones that have effortlessly opened up for you this year
Reflect on your family, your kids, your partner, your friends
Look through appreciative eyes
the eyes of what’s right
the eyes of the divine
Give thanks in a way that you never have before

Allow fear, doubt, struggle and pain
to melt away in the presence of this all-loving appreciation
Thank Goddess that you have a consciousness
that is able to shift and transform in just a moment
Thank Goddess that you are courageous enough
to take a moment to bless yourself
to bless the universe
to bless all those who love and guide you
and then to bless all of the world

Send your tears of love and gratitude
to those who are in pain
to those who are alone
to those who are confused
Allow the heavenly vibration of gratitude
to puncture their fearful illusions
and open up their hearts to what is truly divine

Today, take this vow of deep self-love and gratitude
knowing that when you are in the presence of this kind of love
you – as well as all of those around you – will flourish
Take five slow deep breaths, breathing in
love, appreciation, gratitude and joy
Know that you are never alone and you will never be alone
We are all here surrounding you with love.

10/10/12  Experiencing Magic and Hope at WEW, by Susie Kincade, co-founder Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Wow! September was an incredible month here at Women’s Empowerment Workshop. We had a profoundly moving and beautiful event in Vail, CO.  It was a magical time for everyone! I am humbled and elated by witnessing the responses, insights, ‘aha’ moments, tears, hugs, and laughter that come with women connecting deeply to nature, to each other and discovering their own personal power and confidence. If you missed this retreat in 2012, mark your calendar for Sept. 11-15, 2013.

Look for more retreats in 2013 from Women’s Empowerment Workshop. In March, I’m honored to co-facilitate a “Heroine’s Journey” retreat in Costa Rica with Victoria Fittsmilgrim of True Life Coaching. Learn more about this exciting retreat on Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. MST, and sign up for the info call at If you have a daughter or a mom, save next Mother’s Day for a special mother/daughter retreat at the Vail Racquet Club in the heart of the Rockies. Expect sweet moments, challenges, communication skills, and using nature to deepen into yourself and into this most primary relationship.

And speaking of Mothers, I was honored to present “Connecting to the Soul of Nature” at the Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah. This inspiring event brought 150 women together from all over the world to create a Declaration of Rights for all living beings. We began with the concept of looking ahead 200 years and answering our descendents: “What did you do 200 years ago to give me the earth I have today?”

It was a chilling question as it asked us each to stand in our truth about how we live and how – or if – we contribute to solutions to the myriad environmental and social problems facing our world today. It caused me to think deeply again about the legacy I’m leaving, not in terms of a college fund or nice house for my children, but a much broader, more impactful legacy that will be inherited by all descendents, all living beings, and by the very earth/Mother herself. What will those descendents say about my presence on the planet today?

Now when I look into the mirror each day, I see all living beings looking back at me from 200 years hence and asking me to be accountable. And honestly, being accountable to the future is the least I can do. So I dive deeper into my passion and rededicate my life energy to connecting people to the web of life, to nature and to their own limitless possibilities to grow and serve. And I ask others to consider, “What legacy do you want to leave?”

8/28/12Say YES to YOU!

by Susie Kincade and Christy Martin, co-founders, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

The very best part of the weeks and months leading up to Women’s Empowerment Workshop is talking with so many diverse, sincere, talented, questing women! Some we meet during our networking events, others through our outreach and many who call us wanting to learn more about this unique experience we call WEW.

The women who have registered for this year’s event are of all ages and all paths of life, from young college grads to grandmothers, entrepreneurs, artists and business women. They come from all over the U.S. and even Pakistan!

Their commonality is that they yearn to enrich themselves and reach their full potential in life. And they are eager to do this in the dynamic atmosphere of nature-based activities and in a circle of women peers and mentors. They all are excited to take an important step for themselves by saying YES to the workshop.  And the best part of talking with these women is hearing the conversation change, from initial hesitant interest – Should I really be investing so much in myself? – to the bursting excitement of realizing that indeed, it is the best investment they can make, then to their growing strength and anticipation as they begin envisioning themselves at the workshop.

The women if WEW make a choice to invest in Self that gives them an instant sense of freedom and empowerment! Taking this step puts them into a new space of potency created by taking sovereignty over their lives, whether they need a deserved vacation or are in a place of transition. Suddenly, they are the top priority and the magic begins. We say YES to that!

With just a few spots left in the workshop, and a few dollars left in the scholarship fund, we encourage you to make yourself your priority. Go for it! Invest in you and we will too. Say YES and join us in Vail, Sept. 13-16 for an amazing and transformational experience you’ll never forget. Call and let’s chat if you like, 970.328.5472. Registration ends Sept. 4. Hope to see you soon!


7/13/12 Transforming through Fire

by Susie Kincade, co-founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

The call came just as we were enjoying Vail’s beautiful scenery from the yummy location of one of its fine restaurants. As we marveled at big dark clouds building, the first we had seen in weeks of drought, the Maitre d’ came to us and said, “Your daughter just called. You need to call her right away.” When I did, she breathlessly told me that she had seen lightning strike in the forest just above our house, and now she could see flames. She had called 911, turned on the irrigation and was finding the animals.

“We’re on our way, Haley,” I reassured her. “Take a deep breath…and I will too.” And we flew to our car for a very tense, fearful 20 minute drive home.

We arrived at the same time the air tankers did, dropping their clouds of red retardant on the fast-growing fire. It was time to evacuate. We grabbed the animals and important papers. Haley had considerately packed a bag for both Mark and me – and later I could see by the contents that she had been as baffled by what to take as I was. There was a strapless bra (worn one time six years ago), my bathing suit – don’t evacuate without one! – and some other odds and ends.

As we scurried to load the cars with what we wanted to save from the fire, I answered a stream of phone calls from generous, loving friends offering help, shelter, whatever we needed. I found that aside from some photo albums, our fire safe, and a few items from my altar, there wasn’t much else that I really, deeply cared about.  A beautiful pot my eldest daughter, Meadow, had thrown in high school, some of Haley’s paintings, a spoon my brother hand carved out of luscious cherrywood.
“Really, Susie? A spoon?” I found myself saying as I stood in the living room, holding the spoon and turning in circles, taking in all the contents of the room, the contents and memories of my life.
“Yeah, really,” I said aloud. “It’s all just Stuff. I can live without things. I have every Thing I need in my family and within myself. Whatever happens I can find within me all that I need to rebuild my life.”
I gave all the Stuff a big thank you for surrounding me with joy and pleasure. I offered a huge loving farewell to the log home that I helped build with my own hands. “You have served us well and I love you. If this is the end of that service, I thank you for the safety, love, shelter and protection you have provided.” Then I turned and calmly walked out.

We were lucky. The efforts of many firefighters got the fire under control and our home was never gravely threatened. And, after having released my possessions, I began a purge of closets, drawers, and attic, which continues today.

Fire is the element of transformation. And it transformed our fear into confidence. We realized that what is really important is the strength we hold within our beings, and of course, each other.

5/22/12 Strength and Hope from a Pakistani Woman

by Shakeela Qureshi of Lahone, Pakistan (a 2012 WEW participant)

Belonging to a modest family of a very small town of Pakistan and moving to a large city for professional and career building was never an

Shakeela Qureshi

easy task. It was not easy being a career-oriented woman where I am from; in fact you can say, it was not  easy even being a woman in that society.

I have struggled a lot in my life and while facing the brutalities of life, have at least made myself strong enough to fight for my continued existence. Due to the male dominant society, the women of my society are used to depending on men in their families for all of their decisions throughout life. When I started my career in the city far away from my home town, I was very frightened for I had to live without my family and face life all alone. Now it’s been five years and I have worked a lot to get rid of my fears but still there is something that has been concealed within my mind and that sometimes terrifies me and shatters my confidence. This dilemma is a big obstacle towards my professional and career growth because I have to work parallel with men in a male dominant society.

I wanted to overcome my fears and want to empower myself in making my own professional and personal decisions. I came across the Women’s Empowerment Workshop on the Internet, and was very thrilled to know about the interesting way of coaching through nature. So, I have decided to join it this year.

I hope that this workshop will help me to get out of my internal fears leading me towards my personal as well as career growth.”

4/30/12 Give Yourself a Soul Date in Nature

By Susie Kincade, Co-founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

I recently treated myself to a solo nature retreat, my own adventure into the blooming deserts and coasts of the West. Women’s Empowerment Workshop was on my mind as I rafted the Salt River, hiked through giant saguaro cactus fields, listened for stories from ancient Anasazi ruins, adventured among the Joshua trees, climbed rocky peaks, felt the ocean spray on my face and sat in awe at the foot of Zion’s cathedrals. It was a true Soul Date in Nature that reconnected me to myself!

It has been many years since I wandered and wondered alone to this extent, and I found that in these roamings I re-discovered my personal pace. I ate when I was hungry, slept when I was tired, awoke when I was ready. I hiked without a goal – stopping to take photos, or witness a small mystery unfolding between insect and flower, or observe the dancing shadows cast by giant cottonwood leaves. I stopped often so that I could simply BE in a place, all senses awakened and, like a sponge, soaking it into the depths of my being.

The concept of intentionally creating space for official Soul Dates was introduced to me by WEW facilitator, Holly Bahadur Bryson, and it’s a good one. Set aside an hour or two of unstructured time each week just for you and your wanderings. Hold a question and then open to your experience in nature for answers. A lovely concept and practice. It reminds me of when I was a child on my own in nature. I ran, frolicked, splashed, picked up stones to see what was underneath, made forts, rested in tall grass, talked to the clouds, explored and experimented with everything around me. I played at my own whim and it was yummy.

Somewhere between athletic training, college studies, a career, having children and social demands, it was easy to lose sight of my own personal pace and move through life to the demand of someone else’s tempo. Wandering in the desert for a week or two was the perfect reminder of my personal tempo, and that when I’m aimless and wondering in nature, I’m deeply connected to my soul.

Have you had a Soul Date in Nature lately?  Happy wanderings!

3/22/12 Standard Earth Time
By Rosie Sherwood, empowered woman and Colorado rancher for more than 45 years. She says of her rugged life, “…and I’d do it all over again!”

I am blessed to live in a low mountain valley in the heart of Colorado’s spectacular mountains near Vail. One of my greatest pleasures is living with the rhythms of nature and keeping time by the sun. The days are very short in the winter, but I have the company of bald eagles that winter here, escaping Alaska’s long, frigid winter.
As spring lengthens the days I track with great excitement noting just which tree the sun arrives behind on the mountain to the east. I notice how we gain five extra minutes in one day as the sun makes its entrance in a notch on the ridgeline. Each day of spring adds more warmth, more daylight as the earth travels around the sun. It’s a rhythm I can mark by the light on the ridge and by the expanding energy of the earth and my own body. Before long many of the eagles will answer their rhythm and return to Alaska. The sun will make its journey to its apex, June 21, when it comes to its final Northern destination just beyond my favorite pinon snag on the skyline.

As I watched a bald eagle soaring there yesterday, I found myself smiling at the folly of man. Somewhere, someone decided that I will have an extra hour of daylight now. This makes me laugh because I will continue to measure my day by the sun on my mountain. It knows no arbitrary man-laws. Nor does the bald eagle, as it pursues its hunt on nature’s schedule guided by shadows and light as they change each day. And I will continue to live my life on Standard Earth Time. Sunrises, shadows, light and all.

2/7/12 – The Gift of the Bhodi Tree
By Susie Kincade, Co-founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop



Mother Nature stirs, rolling over in her sleep. We are now more than half-way between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. The earth begins to awaken to a year many believe to be a time of great shift in the human consciousness. However you feel about 2012, staying grounded is key to riding the waves of  uncertainty and change in the world today. I recently spent time in a banyan grove learning some important lessons about grounding that I’d like to share.

Also known as the Bhodi tree, the banyan has a long history of being a spiritual helper. It is said that the Buddah gained enlightenment while meditating under a banyan tree. It is thought to symbolize eternal life because of its endless expansion.

The smooth trunk supports a magnificent crown, a globe-like eruption of shiny dark green elliptical leaves the size of a child’s hand. Indeed, with a child’s unbridled enthusiasm, it thrusts its branches and canopy high into the sky. Branches veer off and grow too quickly to support themselves. So they send down vertical “air roots” which, as soon as they penetrate the ground, grow into fat, strong ancillary trunks, which in turn, support more canopy growth above and more branches send down more vertical support pillars. One tree appears to be dozens of trees; yet all are part of the same organism.  The more a banyan reaches for the sky, the more it must support and ground itself, sending roots downward to sustain its expanding self.

Let me repeat that: The more it grows and expands, the more it must ground itself.  That was the lesson for me from the Bhodi tree. The more I grow, expand, and reach for my full potential, the more grounded I need to be to sustain myself.

Breathe, meditate, touch the earth. Garden, venture and adventure into nature. Lean against the sturdy trunk of any tree and it will be your banyan tree.

10/28/11 – Skeptic turns believer
By Tonie P., Women’s Empowerment Workshop Participant

Hello everyone! Snowy greetings from the Vail Valley, where today I awoke to the first snowfall on the peaks of the New York Mountain range!

I want to express my deepest gratitude and a huge heartfelt “thanks” to all of you for such an amazing healing experience at Women’s Empowerment Workshop!

I must admit that I am a born skeptic. I’m also a shy, private person and the thought of opening up in front of a large group is terrifying.  So when I first received the information about Women’s Empowerment Workshop, I wasn’t sure it was right for me.  But with each newsletter I received, I began to sense that the Workshop might really help me get unstuck from where I was in my life. I realized that it was time for me to try something new; to feel alive again; to try and regain some of that brass balls courage that my friends and family had always said I had, and which cancer had taken away from me.  Finally, I took the leap and signed up for the Workshop, and I am so grateful I did!

It’s now been about three weeks since we were all seated around the opening circle that first night, each of us holding our own difficulty, challenge, or desire to explore our path more deeply.  I stated my intention to the circle – to heal and feel alive again, not just be a zombie going through the motions of life.  Sure enough, as the weekend progressed, I felt the collective loving energy that is generated when unconditional acceptance, openness and love are put forth for the purpose of healing and exploring.  I can’t say that I have everything figured out yet, because each day brings new and interesting challenges. And of course, just when I think I’ve finished cleaning the proverbial fan, something else hits!

What I can say is that I have reopened the door to my true self again and gained a new prospective.   I guess I just needed to be reminded that it’s OK not to be so guarded.  That courage comes in so many different forms.  That sometimes when people cry, they are crying tears of joy.  And that no matter how many days I think that I might have left, to make sure to live each one of them fearlessly, with grace, love and gratitude.  My life is far from perfect and my worries far from over. But I am in a newly acquired state of joy and am once again showing up for my own life!  And I have Women’s Empowerment Workshop and all who attended to thank for that!  Love, Tonie P.

9/10/11 – Swithching Gears!
By  Christy Martin, Co-founder, Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Switching Gears!
I had the most incredible day!  I woke up as usual around 6am feeling a bit stiff all over. Then grabbed my cup of java and settled back to see if I had missed anything while sleeping as I scoured my emails via my cell phone.
Today was a golf day!  I had been gone for a month working in South America in their winter and was really looking forward to a summer activity!  Then I looked outside just as my long-time golfing buddy called me up. “Yes, it’s raining here too,” I said and we discussed whether to chance it or not. With the luxury of pulling up real time weather maps on the computer, we begrudgingly gave in to the sad reality that the crystal ball of technology made clear: it was going to be a thoroughly wet and chilly day. We called off our game.  Rats!  I really needed to do that “something” for myself today.  So, I switched gears!  Off with the golf attire, on with the yoga gear!  Out the door into puddles and pouring rain!
Class went well; it was one of those classes when the rhythm and flow is as it should be.  It was Bikram (hot) yoga and as my body warmed I felt the stiffness ease away along with the tension I always seem to carry in my neck and shoulders.  When I stepped outside, the rain was like sunshine!  I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and was fully aware of everyone else hunkered down with their coats and umbrellas as they scurried about to avoid the rain drops and cool autumn air.  But I thought it felt great on my warm skin.  I headed into the store with one thought in mind ….. Gladiolus.  I need some big fun flowers!  And there they were, as though the manager had read my mind – just inside the entrance and on sale to boot! Gladiolus, four big bunches of bright, tropical, vibrant flowers for $5!  I knew it was going to be the perfect day!  “They” say that rain is liquid sunshine and for me today, it was!
I like being open to “switching gears”; there just may be a reason.  Being open and embracing changing up my day put a smile on my face that carried me through a glorious, gladiolus day!

9/1/11 – Blog by

“I met Susie Kincaid at the Vail Diva Half Marathon in August. She purchased Stylish Workout Gear’s weighted fitness gloves (sidebar: she says the gloves are doing wonders for her arms!). I told her about the inspirational stories that I was writing for my blog, and she told me about a workshop that sounded just fabulous, inspirational and apropos for this audience.”

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8/25/11 – Nourish Your Being
By Joan King, Ph.DWomen’s Empowerment Workshop Facilitator
Renowned Neuroscientist, Author, Visionary, Coach, Cellular Wisdom

WATCH Awaken Your Brilliance Webinar archive featuring Joan King
LISTEN – Joan’s podcast about the Women’s Empowerment Workshop
LISTEN  – Joan podcasts

Most of the time we scurry around rushing to go here and there, do this and that, meet this deadline or that one – Where is the room for YOU in your life? Women’s Empowerment Workshop, in Vail, Sept 15 – 18, is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with YOU. I know that if you come to the Women’s Empowerment Workshop you will renew, explore and BE with YOU in new and empowering ways!

I am excited to play a major part as a Life Coach in this unique workshop. I will present two seminars and a follow-up webinar. We will kick off the retreat with a seminar to foster you in Envisioning Your Life as you want it to be. We’ll explore times when you thrived, even though you might have been faced with significant challenges. We’ll steep ourselves in the energy of thriving and invite you to see yourself with new eyes – understanding that you are more than you have ever experienced yourself to be. We will explore the neural basis of how to transform old patterns into new neural pathways to support you in going forth. Throughout the workshop, you’ll unfold more and more of this new vision of yourself as you dive into nature and learn from the essential wisdom there, through rock climbing, experiencing the healing power of horses, hiking and nature photography, and rafting your river of life. Guided by experts, you will reconnect with your inner being, gain new insights and discover new depths and capacity of your being.

At the end of the workshop we will delve into what you have learned about yourself, who you want to be now. You will hear yourselves proclaim it to each other. Again, we will tap into the energy of Cellular Wisdom that will allow you to unfold more of your greatness! We’ll take time to explore what might stop you and craft ways, energetic and neural pathways to help you navigate these challenges, just as you navigated your way through the forest, or on the river in your rendezvous with nature. We will discover your personal portals to power. Finally, I will lead you in designing personal strategies to implement the actions required to create the life your desire.

Where else BEFORE the rush of the holiday season begins can you so thoroughly and completely nourish your own being and communicate with the truth that wants to emerge within you NOW?
Don’t hesitate! Visit, or call toll-free, 970-328-5472.


8/20/2011 – Nature Heals Us
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

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We all know how much better we feel after spending time in nature – retreating to our garden, hiking through the woods, rafting, climbing on rocks or strolling in the sand. But did you know that there is real scientific evidence that reinforces that feeling of well-being?

The Japanese are really into the exploration of the benefits of being in nature and “forest bathing” (think sunbathing but in the woods) is a growing pastime in Japan. Studies show that being in nature helps your body release quality hormones like dopamine and other endorphins. According to a report by Dr. John Swartzberg in the Berkeley Wellness Letter, Dec. 2010, people do better on tests involving memory or attention after taking a walk through the woods than after walking in a city. And people have greater physical and mental energy and a greater sense of well-being after walking through a tree-lined river path than after walking indoors.

Being out in nature gives our brain a rest from the multi-tasking of our everyday life. We have more spaciousness in our mind and permission to simply be. We use all of our senses and integrate them in our experience of the outdoors. While we exercises we can integrate and balance the hemispheres of our brain.  The bilateral movement of walking, running, pedaling, or paddling for example, creates a rhythm not only in our mind and body, but across the cortex of our brain that is very soothing and strengthening for brain activity.

According to research in Japan, walking in the woods can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and improve immune function for hours, even days! Other research shows that nature vibrates at a higher energetic frequency and tapping into that frequency by simply being in nature can raise our own energetic vibration.

When we discover the power of nature, and allow that to become part of our own power, everything benefits and we enjoy the restorative gifts of the natural world. So please, take a few minutes in nature each day as a way to nurture yourself, boost your mood and energy levels. The well-being that time in nature delivers is very real for our body, mind and spirit!


8/18/11 – Nature Adventure Retreat Connects Women to Nature and Self
Workshop offers “Bring 3, Attend Free” promotion

Women’s Empowerment Workshop, coming to the Vail Racquet Club September 15-18, offers women an extraordinary opportunity to connect deeply to nature and to their own sense of self. Created by local women, the workshop includes the best expertly guided nature activities the valley has to offer, as well as yoga and meditation, healthy organic meals, herbal therapy, life coaching, one-on-one consultations and exciting authors and global speakers.

Women will choose several activities from rock climbing, rafting, hiking/photography and working with horses. These activities, professionally facilitated, guide women to new depths of self-awareness and personal power and give them lifetime tools. The unique, four-day retreat also includes life coaching, yoga and meditation, six webinars, women authors and speakers.

“There really is nothing else quite like this being offered to women. This is exciting work that every woman can benefit from,” said co-founder Susie Kincade, an athlete, life coach and mentor to teenage girls. Kincade has lived in the valley for 30 years and has helped girls find their power through self-awareness activities in nature.

“The key is the experiential aspect. We’ll take women outward into nature and guide them deeply inward. The natural world connects us to everything and to our own wisdom, creativity and power. We’ll teach skills to access that wisdom and power, and anchor them solidly in the body experience; then women can use them anytime, anywhere, from the family room to the boardroom.”

To promote the event and encourage women of all ages and abilities to take part, Women’s Empowerment Workshop is offering a special promotion. When a participant brings three friends, she can attend free of charge.

Cost of the workshop is $1450 with discounts for bringing friends.

It is being sponsored by Vail, Gaiam, All Season’s Chalice, Envision.Believe.Create Marketing, VIP Travel Adventures, Touched by a Horse, Timberline Tours, Adventure Travel Guides International, Jamit Publishing, Cellular Wisdom, Healthy Living Marketing, the Bookworm, Soul of Money Institute, Mountain2Mountain,, Vail Daily, and Elite Limousine.


8/10/2011 – A Day on a River
Last Saturday I spent all day on the Colorado River with 11 other adventurous women as part of a nature retreat at my Colorado home. What a glorious, inspiring day – full of fun, giggles, heart pumping moments, playful water fights and simple pleasures. We gathered first and set our intention for the retreat, always a good place to start. This retreat was a reunion with friends who were part of the Path of Ceremonial Arts program with me at the StarHouse in Boulder. Reconnecting was our theme, and that blossomed into rejuvenate, revitalize, rekindle, relax and many other REasons to get out into nature together.

The river trip was a highlight and we practiced many of the metaphors that we will explore at the Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail this September 15-18. We discovered the feeling of different currents around us as we traveled. Knowing that we can make choices about which current to be in and when it makes sense to shift into a new one. Finding our sense of grounded centeredness and balance when entering turbulent waters. Discovering our courage, power and confidence, right along with peace and calm. These and many more insights came to us during the float trip. I’m so excited to share this exciting exploration with women attending the Vail Workshop as I’m sure many more ‘Aha!’ moments will surface.

Another exciting part about being in a circle of women is the support, trust, and potential that is felt when we are together. Being together with women, and especially in nature, around a fire, under the stars, brings forth the best, and sometimes the most vulnerable in each of us. It also creates a lovely, nurturing space for us to support and be supported on our journey. A space that is conducive to shifting energy in our life and making personal discoveries. Many shifts happened for us last weekend, even in two short days! When we parted, we did so richer for our time spent together – rejuvenated, revitalized, relaxed and reconnected with each other and with our personal river of life. This is the experience we intend for every participant of Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail this September. That’s why our “bring three and attend free” promotion is so valuable. It reduces the cost of the workshop significantly, and creates a built-in circle of friends to continue the process begun at the workshop. Hope you’ll join us…and bring your circle of friends!

7/28/11 – What is your nature connection?
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

This time of year we open every window, allowing as much of the outside world in as possible. We can feel the breezes, smell the fragrances of flower and field, hear the buzz of insects, water burbling in the creek, a cacophony of birdsong and the whir of hummingbirds passing by. Yesterday there was a deadly sound too – the soft “thunk” of a bird hitting our living room window. I ran outside and found a young hummingbird on the patio, still and stunned but alive. Scooping it up in soft silk, I gently laid it in the shade to recover, I hoped.

By evening, the hummer had recovered consciousness but was clearly dazed, dehydrated and had a broken wing. What to do? What life does a 1/10 ounce bird with a broken wing have? The tiny, miraculous, shimmering green creature with its purple and black collar tugged at my maternal instincts. It trembled and blinked its relatively wide eyes at me and I could sense its struggle for life. So I cooked up a batch of hummingbird syrup, cleaned an eye-dropper and went to work. Feeding it every half hour, it gradually came back to life, even fluttering its good wing which sent it into lopsided circles. Time after time it would rest, I would feed it more, and it tried its wings again. The little bird had determination! This morning I found it huddled down and barely breathing, but it had survived the night! With a little prodding its survival instincts kicked in again and it began actively sucking down several eye-droppers of nectar!

I swung into action to honor the life force that had almost literally fallen into my hands. The Colorado Division of Wildlife helped me transport the tiny bird to the Pauline Schneegas Wildlife Foundation forty miles away. They contacted a veterinarian who can fix something as tiny and delicate as a hummer’s wing. Imagine! It will live to zoom around again and hover over the world’s enticing flowers; to fly great distances over the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps even return to my home one day.

Nurturing that little fellow was as much a gift for me as it was to the bird. Taking ten minutes out of every hour of work to care for it filled my heart with love and appreciation for just how vulnerable life is. It is fragile, yet so fiercely strong! Nurturing the bird softened my soul, too, allowing gratitude to flow through me, and reminding me that all is connected; we are One. Nature’s perfection humbles me. And I feel profoundly moved and grateful to be part of the magical web of life.

Please write us and tell us about a time when you felt supremely connected to all. We’ll share on our website and FaceBook page.


7/14/11 – A Tool for Transformation
By Lila Sophia Tresemer, Author & Spiritualist
Women’s Empowerment Workshop Facilitator

Have you ever found yourself “stuck” in a story or drama that you know is keeping you from your full potential? It can be in your job, your family, your relationships, or any aspect of life. Awareness of that situation is a great start in shifting consciousness, but how do you move from awareness to transformation? During Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail, Sept. 15-18, I’ll be offering the Concentric Circle Model, a dynamic tool for relational transformation. Aspects of consciousness are fairly easy to navigate, once we have a trustworthy tool!

The pattern of creating change in our consciousness and in our life is fundamentally always the same –whether it’s handling addictions, healing a broken heart or shifting a core wound related to abandonment. That ‘sameness’ can be summed up this way: “Attachment leads to detachment.” Once we align our will with something ‘other’ and really choose that ‘other’ the forces that keep us attached to the behavior or the belief that we want to change will begin to detach. Think of any time in your life when you consciously made a firm choice – sometimes using all the will you possess – to shift an inner situation, a story, or a drama in which you were involved. By making that choice, you really changed, and you grew. That is what transformation and the Concentric Circle model helps you do successfully every day.

After facilitating hundreds of Women’s Circles and programs in 5 countries, I’ve come to believe that we, as empowered women, have the ability to accelerate this natural process of change. Once we know the pattern, and can apply some basic tools, we can consciously shift creations, or stories, that feel like they imprison us.

Watch – Women’s Inner Wisdom Webinar Archive


7/10/11 – July is Park and Recreation Month!

There are five weekends in July 2011—five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays! Create a healthy weekend habit by getting out to a park, trail, playground, swimming pool, natural area, or other public space every weekend.

CLICK HERE – Learn more and make your pledge to play outdoors every weekend in July.


7/9/11 – Discover Our Hidden Gem Called Vail, Colo.
By Christine Wight
Operations Manager, Vail Racquet Club

Each morning I wake up, look out my window and breathe in the early morning beauty of the hidden gem that is East Vail. Sometimes I wonder at my good fortune to live here surrounded by stunning natural beauty. It’s not often that a job benefit includes living in a slice of heaven, but that has been part of my work for the past 11 years as the Operations Manager of Vail Racquet Club. Many a morning, summer as well as winter, I take pictures off my deck which overlooks Gore Creek, softly babbling or rushing thunderously, depending on the season. Gore Creek is the heart of the Vail Racquet Club and enchants guests with its music, mystery and beauty – I’ve seen it time and again and it always makes me smile.

Vail Racquet Club is proud to host the Women’s Empowerment Workshop Sept. 15-18. I believe it is the perfect setting as it is a resort within a resort, quiet and tucked into the valley five miles East of Vail Village. We border the White River National Forest and are surrounded by amazing mountain views, waterfalls and creeks. You just can’t find a bad view in this area!

Hiking and biking trails abound. My favorites are Gore Lake and Vail Pass as well as the bike path into Vail which crosses Vail Golf Course and can be walked or biked. Soak in one of the hot tubs after hiking or lounge by the pool and take in the stunning scenery. Grab a glass of wine or a beer and enjoy tennis from the restaurant deck with views of Bald Mountain. Unwind with a restorative yoga class taught by Tracy or Sally. These are a few of the simple pleasures I enjoy all summer.

When you come to Women’s Empowerment Workshop, we’ll do everything we can to help you fall in love with the natural beauty we are so lucky to have. I certainly did!

  • ~Bring Your Girlfriends, Mothers and Daughters~
    Receive $100 off for every person you bring to this nature adventure retreat.Space is limited. $200 reserves your place.
  • Excellent lodging rates at the Vail Racquet Club.


7/1/11 – Freedom: A Personal Empowerment Perspective
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

Independence day! A chance to consider Freedom. Personal independence. Which also means opportunity… to choose growth, awareness, our own path.

I know I am on my right path, following my purpose, when I sleep well at night, jump joyously into the work of the day, and am living fully aligned with my values. Anxiety drops away and I feel a lightness of being. Love for my family and the world expands. So does my optimism and hope, as well as my capacity to serve others, and even to have fun.

I have great gratitude for the privilege of  pursuing such personal freedom. I know it came with a price paid by those who came before me. That’s why I cherish it and do not squander it or take it for granted, but try to use it to serve others and make a difference. I hold it; I am accountable for what I do with it. I feed it regularly by connecting to the rain, wind, fire and earth. I use it to take a stand in my life. My freedom and personal power feed my purpose which is nurturing others to use their own power as a positive influence in their world.

Freedom creates opportunity and choice. On this Independence day I invite you to consider how you will choose to use your choices around self-empowerment and freedom.

In the pursuit of your happiness and freedom this weekend, please make time to practice the following:

  • Notice and explore your natural surroundings.
  • Be still and listen to the trees, birds, wind, and give gratitude.
  • Share smiles and happiness with friends and family.
  • Acknowledge your resiliency.
  • Embrace your many freedoms.

Happiness is a freedom that is truly contagious. Share it!

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6/21/11 – Celebrate Summer Solstice
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop
READ! Email Invitation

Celebrate the Summer Solstice today – the longest day of the year! Also known as Midsummer and Honey-moon time, the Summer Solstice is a time for joyous gathering, a time to be grateful for all that we have and all that is growing within and without. It is a time to honor our journey and the wisdom we have gained; a time to be outdoors adventuring in nature as it erupts all around us.

At our house, we celebrate around a fire in the ancient tradition, speaking, singing, dancing or silently praying our gratitude for all of our blessings. This is the most expansive time of year – our energy is high, and we need less rest, as the sun, at its highest point in the sky, fills every cell in our body with solar energy. As the crops and gardens flourish, it is a time to honor all of the abundance in our lives and request anything that we need. Lynne Twist speaks wisely of being cautious about asking for abundance in our lives. Instead ask for enough rather than more than we need. Enough will be provided, for much of what we need springs from within.

Find a way that suits you, but do take some time today to honor the first day of Summer, the longest day and shortest night of the year. Take a hike, go rafting, climb to a high point for the sunset. Show unrestrained joy! Create a family tradition around gratitude and blessings. Summer Solstice is a reason to rejoice!

Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Additional Resources

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6/5/11 – How resilient are you?
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Do small challenges discourage you? And big ones devastate you? What is your capacity for “springing back”, which is the meaning of resiliency?

I took a walk along the creek today to observe every instance I could of resiliency in nature. When I paid attention to this, I realized that it is the very nature of nature to be resilient! I saw 200 year old juniper trees scared and damaged by fire, but still alive and growing. A cottonwood, gnawed down by beaver was shooting up several new sprouts from its stunted trunk. A beet-colored dogwood bush had several branches waving in the rushing creek, bending and giving with the crash and boom of the water, but never breaking. Thistles popped up everywhere and I marveled at the tenaciousness of weeds! Spring wildflowers popped up here and there, having survived another winter. A swallow flew against a wind squall, determined to make its destination. Everywhere I looked, I noticed how resilient nature is. It must survive all of its own challenges, fire, wind, flood, heat, and it does a remarkable job.

Because we are part of nature, resiliency is part of us. It’s why we can fight off colds and recover from broken bones. The life force in all living things is incredibly strong and resilient. Next time you are feeling discouraged or broken by life’s occurrences, take a moment to consider your strengths, all that you know and all the experiences you’ve had in your life, and weigh these against the challenge before you. Create an affirmation and approach your challenge with the wisdom you have within. “If I can do XYZ, then I know I can figure out this problem.” Then do it. And pat yourself on the back for once again tapping into your resilience.

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5/27/2011 – Raging Rivers

By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

As the spring sun hits the high Rockies, snow begins to drip down the mountainsides, growing into trickles and then into rushing torrents by the time streams reach the swollen, thrashing rivers on the valley floor. It is heart-pounding to stand at the edge of the mighty Colorado River during this time of year. Rushing waters scour the riverbeds – nature’s spring cleaning – and move giant boulders downriver. Sometimes you can even hear the muffled thunk and crash of nature rearranging her river furniture.

I’m not entirely sure how the fish survive this dramatic onslaught of spring whitewater but they do. Just as we survive the sometimes unimaginable emotional turbulence of our lives – the death of a family member, the emotional roller coaster of living with addiction or abuse, financial hardship or ruin, living with war or political chaos, famine or drought.

There are other, less intense dramas that we also experience every day. Our car is hit in a parking lot; our teenager stays out past curfew without calling; we fight with our partner about something silly; our boss blames us unfairly at work; we miss a deadline. Unlike the poor trout caught in a river torrent, we can choose how we respond to the drama in our life. We can step out of it and take a wider perspective. If we view it in the context of an archetypal or mythical story of human existence, we can begin to see past our personal emotions and no longer be held in drama’s constrictive grip. Disengaging emotionally and widening our perspective can release us from turbulent passions and quiet our judgmental voice. We may not have the power to control what happens in our lives but we certainly can control our response to it. What freedom and empowerment come with this tool of emotional discernment!

Lila Tresemer will explore her concentric circle model of emotional discernment during the Women’s Inner Wisdom portion of Women’s Empowerment Workshop. This tool is one that you’ll use every day of your life!

Read Denver Post Article: Record snowpacks have Colorado rafting outfitters giddy with anticipation

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5/20/11 – Four Years. GO.
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

I have a little bit of bad news and a lot of good news for you.

The bad news isn’t really news at all. The fact is that humanity is on an unsustainable path, headed in a direction that no one wants—and there is limited time to turn things around. The good news is that at the same time, the solutions and technologies to address this crisis already exist. What is missing is the commitment and will to act.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is about generating that will. I have personally committed and am creating projects in my life that serve the goal of Four Years Go. My projects are conducting empowerment programs for girls and women that connect mind/body/spirit through nature. These programs help girls and women discover their limitless possibilities and motivate them to take a stand for themselves, their family, their community and for the planet. I believe that women are the tipping point for generating the momentum to change the will. Women’s Empowerment Workshop keynote speaker Lynne Twist has lots to say about Four Years Go. Come to the workshop and learn from her about taking a stand, fundraising from the heart, allowing our money to flow with our values and grow abundantly. She is a global change agent. Don’t miss her!

If you are committed to being part of the solution and are willing to take a stand to help bring forth a sustainable, fulfilling, just human presence on the planet, I urge you to join the thousands who are working hard to create a shift for humanity. Visit to learn about the many global organizations and citizens who are stepping up to the crisis of our time. I hope you’ll join us in whatever way you can.

If you have a personal project great; if you simply want to help spread the word, great; if you want to change a little bit about how you live, purchase, dispose, great! Any way that you can add to the shift toward solutions for the current crisis on the planet, please commit to doing that. And then tell others.

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5/13/11 – Practice stillness amid the swirl of activity

By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

As I sat at my computer this morning, a Great Blue Heron flew by the window, circled and landed by the creek to hunt. The gigantic bird moved carefully and deliberately through last summer’s bent and brown grasses to the edge of the water where it stood in complete and utter stillness. Even knowing exactly where it stood, I almost lost it from vision and didn’t dare look away fearing I’d lose track of it.

We stayed transfixed this way. The bird watching the water with patience and stillness, and me watching the bird. The heron was still for seven full minutes before knifing his long beak into the creek for a fish.

As I watched, I thought about Women’s Empowerment Workshop. Patience is one of the tools we’ll be learning, especially in the nature photography sessions. Like the Blue Heron, sometimes we must practice stillness amid the swirl of activity, electronics, information overload, and allow what we need in our life to come to us.

When was the last time you stopped for ten minutes in complete, waking stillness? Try it and see what comes your way.

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5/2/11 – Cleanse Your Dust of Life
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

A gentle rain began to fall just a bit ago. Some Native Americans call this a female rain, soft and soaking, as opposed to the male rain that pounds the earth, eroding it and carrying it to the sea.

Before my eyes, the bare plants erupted into vibrant colors – orange, red, deep purple, lavender and true sage green. Just a bit of cleansing rain brought out the brilliant essence of the plants!

It’s only when I allow myself to be cleansed of the dust of life, those everyday cares and worries that I hold without noticing, that my own brilliant spirit shines. That’s how I feel after a yoga workout, a walk in the woods or sitting quietly in meditation. Sometimes simply stepping outside, drawing in five deep breaths in a row can be the cleansing female rain I need. It’s all so simple…if we simply remember.

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4/23/11 – What is the connection between your inner power and the natural world, and how does Women’s Empowerment Workshop help you develop that connection?
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

The simple answer is that the natural world is literally the center of our universe – it supplies all of our resources for life. On a deeper level, it offers myriad opportunities for growth and wisdom. This is wisdom that cannot be learned from books or the internet, but must be embodied through personal experience. Reading about, imagining, or seeing a movie about standing on Everest is virtually exciting. Actually standing on Everest is a complex matrix of the physical, spiritual and emotional human experience. So it is with much tamer, even casual interactions with nature.  Through skillful, safe and professional outdoor guides and teachers, the Women’s Empowerment Workshop will give you the personal experiences in nature, at your physical capability level, that allow you to physically, spiritually and emotionally experience nature’s wisdom, so that it is anchored within you.

Why is it important to embody your wisdom? Because profound self-awareness correlates directly to our sense of personal power. Embodied wisdom brings with it confidence, freedom, faith in yourself, and a positive, joyous approach to life. Join this free webinar May 4 to learn how the Women’s Empowerment Workshop will give you tools like grounding, developing intuition, balance, overcoming obstacles, problem solving and listening to your inner self. Our special guest will be the workshop’s equine empowerment facilitator, Melisa Pearce, of Touched by a Horse.

What is the magic healing power of horses? Even if you do not ride or know anything about horses, you can be with them and benefit from their amazing ability to mirror your emotions. Melisa will share her experiences and stories, showing us how horses are indeed a source of the natural wisdom of our universe.

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4/22/11 – Celebrate Earth Day By Noticing Your Natural Surroundings
By Susie Kincade – Women’s Empowerment Workshop

A portion of my Earth Day will be spent thanking her with a great big Earth Hug! To do that, I lie down on her, face to face, inhaling her fragrances, feeling her energetic pulse, and letting our heartbeats become one. Then I turn over and feel her below me as I look at the sky:  as above, so below – I am a conduit between the two.  This simple expression of gratitude – the Earth Hug – is something we can do every day in any number of ways.

Trees like hugs. So do dogs, children, rocks and rivers. Try lying in a river and let the water swirl around you in a big, wet hug. Anytime you can attune your energetic vibration with the earth, you strengthen your energy. Even the simple act of noticing the natural world can raise your vibration, and the earth’s! So take a moment to notice and express your gratitude for this incredible living organism that hosts us in the universe. She gives us so much and really needs and responds to our gratitude every single day.

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Women’s Empowerment Workshop Co-Founder Susie Kincade Talks About the Workshop on 9NEWS



July 26, 2012
Contact: Susie Kincade


Ellen Miller to talk about determination, confidence at Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Vail, CO — The only American woman to climb Mt. Everest from both Nepal and Tibet will be the keynote speaker at the Second Annual Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail, Colorado, September 13-16. Ellen Miller joins an illustrious group of facilitators, authors, and life coaches who will lead women to discover the power of nature and themselves in this four-day nature adventure retreat.

Miller is one of America’s leading female alpinists, having climbed four 8,000-meter peaks in Nepal and Tibet. She is only one of five women worldwide who has ascended Everest from Nepal and Tibet. She guides treks and climbs in the Himalayas and coaches the U.S. Women’s Mountain Running Team. Miller lives and works in Vail as a fitness coach for people of all ability levels.

“I’m excited to be speaking to the Women’s Empowerment Workshop group in Vail this year. We all need encouragement and inspiration to reach our highest potential,” offered Miller. “I love the nature-based life coaching that the women will receive and am excited to hear about some of the ‘aha’ moments they experience while hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and learning from healing horses.”

Women’s Empowerment Workshop takes women outward into nature to go inward and develop important tools like grounding, teamwork, self-confidence, trust, and self-awareness. Workshop participants will be guided by expert facilitators, including life coach Dr. Joan King, founder of Cellular-Wisdom; Melisa Pearce, equine therapist and founder of Touched by a Horse; wilderness therapist, Josie Fenton of Lodestone Way; Tanya Miller, founder of Trailwise Guides; and Susie Kincade, Women’s Empowerment Workshop co-founder.

Hosted by the Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort and sponsored in part by the Center for Women in Business, a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Empowerment Workshop is open to women of all ages and abilities. Cost is $1,550 for the four-day retreat, which includes all guided outdoor explorations, social events, meals, speakers, and one-on-one consultations. Registration ends August 17.

“This is the most powerful workshop experience I’ve ever had and will be a springboard toward endless growth,” offered Karen Greenberg, a past participant and attorney.


July 10, 2012
Contact: Susie Kincade


Center for Women in Business joins Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail, CO

Vail, CO – The Center for Women in Business (CWB), a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is partnering with the Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail, CO, to help women gain self-empowerment and realize their full potential.  The second annual Women’s Empowerment Workshop, September 13-16, is a nature adventure retreat for women of all ages and abilities, held in the dramatic backdrop of Vail, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

“Having the U.S. Chamber of Commerce join us enhances this event and gets the word out to many more women who are seeking to jumpstart their life in a powerful way,” commented Susie Kincade, the workshop co-founder. “Women often need a boost of empowerment to feel self-assured in their purpose and place in the business world. Women are one of the greatest yet most undeveloped resources in the world today.”

The Women’s Empowerment Workshop uses nature as both a metaphor and teacher to lead women on a discovery of their limitless potential. Dynamic and inspiring experiences in the natural world help women navigate their river of life, overcome obstacles, and learn tools they can take into their life, no matter where they live.  Renowned facilitators, world-class outfitters life coaches and leaders guide participants on pathways of self-discovery.

“Partnering with the Women’s Empowerment Workshop offers an exciting opportunity for the CWB to engage women and help them tap into their extraordinary business and leadership abilities,” offered Roberta Phillips, Executive Director of CWB. “Women often approach business opportunities and leadership roles differently than men. Having a strong understanding of who they are and self-confidence in their potential is an important foundation. This event shows women how to connect to that confidence and with each other.”

The Center for Women in Business (CWB), a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Campaign for Free Enterprise, promotes and empowers women business leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals by increasing opportunities for women to serve on corporate boards and in the C-suite; mentoring women in the early stages of their careers or re-entering the workforce; and building a network of women entrepreneurs to encourage peer-to-peer networking, education, and professional growth.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.


March 28, 2011
Contact: Susie Kincade

Empowerment Workshop Connects Women to Nature, Self

Vail, CO – The 2011 Women’s Empowerment Workshop will be held amidst the stunning landscape of Vail, Colorado, September 15-18. This unique event empowers women to nourish mind, body and spirit by connecting to the natural world in a profoundly enriching, compelling, and transformational way.

Women will discover and renew their personal strength, well-being and confidence through soulful and expertly guided activities in Vail, including hiking, rafting, rock climbing, nature photography, equine empowerment, meditation and yoga. Each activity is designed around potent metaphors and tools for empowering one’s life.

Women’s Empowerment Workshop fills an important role in Vail’s extensive array of summer offerings, bringing a key element of inner health and wellness, and doing it through the magnificent outdoor opportunities available in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Expert Guides
All activities are guided by experts in the field, including nationally known leaders such as Melisa Pearce and Touched by a Horse, Tanya Miller’s Trailwise Guides; climbing outfitter Adventure Travel Guides International; nature photographer, Bill Bonebrake; horticulture therapists from the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens;  and Vail’s renowned river outfitter, Timberline Tours.  Beyond leading safe and pleasurable outings, these facilitators have the unique ability to use the experience as a way to teach tools and build confidence around problem solving, exploring intuition and self-awareness, meeting unexpected challenges, creating back-up plans, teamwork and play.

Life coaches, yoginis and meditation guides round out the resources available during the workshop. Healthy, locally grown food, along with Vail’s vibrant nightlife and dazzling autumn colors provide a perfect setting for women of all ages to nourish mind, body and spirit.

Personalized Programs, Impactful seminars
The range of activities offered appeals to the artist, the adventurer, the philosopher in everyone. Because every woman has different desires and goals, each will design her own program schedule, focusing on areas she wants to strengthen. Pre-event Webinars help lay the foundation for the workshop. An Envision Your Life seminar and Woman’s Inner Wisdom seminar during the workshop deepen self-awareness, while post-event webinars offer additional tools and support continued confidence and growth.

Inspiring Speaker, Shannon Galpin
Founder of Mountain2Mountain, Shannon Galpin, will address individual capacity, offering motivation for each woman to bring forth her authentic self. The short documentary film, Waking Lions, produced by Vail filmmaker, Alison Otto, will also be shown.

Registration begins March 28 at Women’s Empowerment Workshop is produced by for our future. For more information, contact Susie Kincade at 970-328-5472. Call 970-328-5472 to learn about Partnership opportunities.

Women’s Empowerment Workshop is produced by Envision.Believe.Create Foundation.

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