Women Empowerment in Nature

Unplug from your daily life and plug into the power of nature!

Join our exciting nature adventure retreats and workshops to build confidence, resilience, and empowerment; designed for all ages and abilities – for daughters, mothers and grandmothers!

From Bali to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, discover your power – not by conquering nature but by learning to listen to it and experience its lessons, like balance, wholeness, rest, play, problem solving, flexibility, perspective and patience. Then integrate nature’s lessons into your life wherever you live!

In 2016 we’ll lead retreats to deeply connect to Earth wisdom and your own unique inner wisdom. Learn how to scout rapids on whitewater rivers, and how you can scout the “rapids” in your life. Discover that climbing a rock face in a centered, intentional, courageous way can be applied to obstacles in the Board Room. Plunge deep into Women’s Inner Wisdom and unlock secrets you hold within about discernment and self-awareness. Practice grounding with a 150 year old spruce tree, and discover that you can do it sitting at your desk at work. Explore ancient forests and learn what they have to teach us about rejuvenation and living in balance.

Enjoy the “AHA!” moments, and get inspired to manifest your power into your family, work, community and world. Create and personalize your workshop or coaching experience by choosing the outdoor explorations that call to you. Enjoy diverse speakers, seminars, one-on-one consults and plenty of free time to integrate new wisdom. Every program and adventure draws on the mind/body/spirit connection. Tools learned are easily transferred to your personal life and home environment.

Professional wilderness guides, climbers, yoginis, energy healers and spiritualists give our various workshops depth and diversity. Discover the power of nature and the power of you today!


“I discovered that I was limiting myself  by not listening to my inner voice… and surprisingly my ‘aha’ moment came when I was rock climbing blindfolded!” MD
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Women Retreat Exercises Women Empowerment in Nature Women Empowerment in Nature Women Empowerment in Nature
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Our Mission:

Women’s Empowerment Workshop conducts day, weekend and week-long workshops and retreats as well as life coaching for women and girls, and couples, empowering them to nourish mind, body and spirit by connecting to the natural world in a profoundly enriching, compelling, and transformational way. These unique events offer expertly guided explorations in nature as a context to discover and renew personal power, confidence and purpose.


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