Transitions: A Tip from Nature

By Susie Kincade, May 1, 2017 Watching nature transition to spring here in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is always an adventure. The songbirds trickle back. The first whir of a hummingbird causes my heart to thump. New plants burst forth from the warm dirt. Wrinkled, bright green leaves magically unfold into the world like the newborns they… Read More

tree hugger

by Susie Kincade, March 1, 2017   It is said that great beauty comes from great pain. It’s true for childbirth to be sure, and for many other of life’s painful episodes. Chrysalis Circle for Girls was birthed from the lessons and self-growth I experienced after the biggest transition in my life – getting divorced.… Read More


INTENTION +  ATTENTION = NO TENSION!   Susie Kincade, Dec. 28, 2016 It’s that fabulous time of year again when we put the past to bed, and envision what we might want to do or be differently in the coming year. We use this calendar opportunity to open the door to unlimited possibilities! Seeds we… Read More


By Susie Kincade, December 14, 2016 My trip to the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota ranks right up there with my top life events like trying out for the Olympics and birthing my babies! This sacred community on the wind-swept plains attracted people from all over the world, drawn by intense prayer and sense… Read More


“Now, more than ever.” I’ve heard this echoed a lot recently. It seems that many people have woken up to a new reality. One in which each of us needs to stay awake, attentive and expansive about our role as full participants in life.   As painful as it has been for me to see… Read More

Empower yourself

Just home from our Desert Adventure Retreat and I could not be more full! Sure we ate well, but we filled up on nature, adventure, hiking into our ancestral past through the rock art left behind. We felt the healing power of horses, stepped into the infinite stream of Women’s Wisdom, and felt the incredible… Read More


The relationship between fathers and daughters profoundly effects a girl’s healthy path in life. Having lost my Dad last year, I’m taking time to cherish the gifts he gave me along the way: my love of adventure and the mountains and oceans, surfing, rafting, climbing and skiing. He always believed in my physical and intellectual… Read More



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