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Past speakers and facilitators

Melisa Pearce, founder Gestalt Equine Coaching Method and Touched by a Horse: Awaken in Nature co-facilitator

As a lifelong horsewoman and psychotherapist, Melisa began developing her Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ in 1989. She discovered people became more grounded, centered, confident and secure when working with horses using her methods. Melisa’s integrative approach of horse interaction combined with positive coaching and Gestalt guidance assists clients in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future.

Melisa established Touched by a Horse® Inc. in 2001 through which she offers coaching for individuals, groups and business owners. Melisa has expanded her message through unique products including the inspirational deck Whispers from a Horse’s Heart, guided imagery CD’s and her books Horse as Teacher and Eponalisa.

Melisa has developed a powerful and unique message about the clairesentience of horses, honoring their vibrational field, the spiritual connection between horses and humans as well as the importance of human and horse chakra connections. She was chosen as one of the top 50 horsewomen in the US for her seminal work.


Josie Fenton, Wilderness Therapist, Lodestone: Awaken in Nature co-facilitator

In 2004, Josie Fenton created an innovative nature-based approach to coaching and began her private practice in Europe. Her clientele has included team leaders at the European Commission, business managers, mental health workers, and NGO employees.

Josie obtained her Masters in Wilderness Therapy at Naropa University. She holds an MS in Mathematics and Astronomy from University College London. She also holds the following certifications: Boas Professional Certified Coach – accredited by the International Coach Federation; Advanced Training in Facilitation Skills; Foundation and Practitioner Skills Certification in the Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Adventure and Retreat Coaching; and Wilderness First Responder. Learn more about her work at

Josie believes that a deep connection with the natural world is inherently restorative for the human psyche. She is passionate about enabling change through helping her clients to engage with both inner and outer nature.


Joan C. King, Ph.D: Awaken in Nature co-facilitator
Renowned Neuroscientist, Author, Visionary, Coach, Cellular Wisdom
WATCH – Awaken Your Brilliance webinar archive featuring Joan King
LISTEN! Joan King’s weekly “Jolt of Joan” podcastsDr. Joan King was a Dominican sister for 10 years before changing her direction and becoming a professor and eventually department Chair at Tufts University School of Medicine. Today she weaves spirituality and science as a neuroscientist, visionary, author, life coach and international speaker.

Dr. King reveals how fundamental truths for living an authentic, fulfilling life are coded in the elegantly complex dance of chemical and energetic interactions within and between our cells. She calls it Cellular Wisdom and teaches it as a template for an authentic code of living and self-discovery that all of humanity seeks on some level.

Her prescription for centered, fulfilled living is spelled out in her Cellular Wisdom series of books which provide a mirror to view the resources of the essential self and the vast energies available as a result. This helps people understand that their stumbling and bumbling behaviors are not all that they are, adds King. Establishing a strong connection with the essential self is the foundation for transformative change.

Professional and personal coach, consultant, and workshop leader with twenty-five years as an educator, scientist, and administrator in universities and academic-based organizations, Dr. King is credentialed by the International Coach Federation.


Shannon Galpin – Keynote Speaker, 2011
Founder of Mountain2Mountain
Waking Lions
short film will be shown – Watch Trailer

Shannon Galpin founded Mountain2Mountain in November 2006 to support fundraising for NGO’s working in mountainous regions of Pakistan and Nepal. Then, after having her own daughter, she realized she couldn’t live in a world where women and girls are denied opportunities, treated as commodities and live most of their lives in fear. She now focuses on remote war-torn regions where women’s oppression is the worst.

Believing that connecting communities on both sides of the equation is key to finding sources of funding and long-term sustainability for M2M, she has now developed events that involve communities and educated individuals through sport and photography. Continually breaking barriers, in 2009, she became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, a country where the culture does not allow women to ride bikes.

Waking Lions short film, will be shown before her talk. Produced and directed by Allson Otto, Waking Lions is a short film about M2M and founder Shannon Galpin’s ground-breaking mountain bike ride through Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley. The film premiered at the Denver Film Society’s Voices, a festival celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.


Lila Sophia Tresemer – Facilitator
Co-Founder, Path of the Ceremonial Arts
Author, “One-Two-ONE”Watch – Women’s Inner Wisdom webinar archive featuring Lila Tresemer

Lila Tresemer has facilitated Women’s Circles for over thirty years, and has dedicated her life to the Remembrance of the Divine Feminine. As Co- Founder of the Path of the Ceremonial Arts at the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado and author of “One-Two-ONE”, a guidebook to Conscious Relationship, she is devoted to inspiring true Partnership between men and women, and humans and the earth.

Currently living between Boulder, Colorado and Tasmania, Australia, Lila is delighted to be a part of Women’s Empowerment Workshop, facilitating the Women’s Inner Wisdom seminar.


Tanya Miller, yogini, photographer, founder of Trailwise Guides

For Vail native, Tanya Miller, the mountains have inspired a lifetime of appreciation for wilderness, a sense of place, and outdoor recreation. The owner of Trailwise Guides, Inc.based in Vail, Tanya integrates her guiding expertise in natural history, risk management, “Leave No Trace” ethics, and group facilitation with her background in energy medicine therapy, certification in yoga instruction, and business knowledge to provide programs that foster connection to ourselves, our soul, and the natural world. Bringing concepts in wellness and the nature/ human relationship to the forefront of her work, Tanya has enhanced her expertise by becoming a student of eco-psychology, deep ecology, systems theory, grief and addiction recovery, and integrative medicine. Tanya is currently expanding Trailwise Guides towards a broader vision with a mission to empower people through personal development workshops and interactive experiences with the natural world.


Danielle Howard, Certified Financial Planner and kayker

What can the river teach us about our relationship with money? Join Danielle Howard, Certified Financial Planner professional™, and Financial Life Planner, to discover the answer! Danielle owns Howard Financial Resources in Basalt, CO, is an Investment Advisor Representative with Lighthouse Financial, LLC and Cambridge Investment Research Inc., is her broker/dealer. She is also a river enthusiast who will offer her insights into our relationship with money as we travel down the river.

Danielle’s mission is to “educate, motivate and inspire those placed on her path to reach the full God given potential”. She does this in her business by assisting women in transition to create healthy financial lives. She helps you understand the meaning of money in your life and facilitates opportunities to create a more fulfilling journey by connecting your core values with your resources of time, talent and treasure. By challenging current negative mindsets about money and laying the groundwork for new, thought provoking ideas; her hope is to help women embrace true financial freedom.

Danielle lives and works in the Roaring Fork Valley. She is the mother of two daughters and has two bonus children. Her husband Mark teaches at Basalt High School. She speaks and teaches locally on a variety of financial topics and writes for local publications. She loves the valley she lives in, taking full advantage of a variety of outdoor activities including winter skiing and summer kayaking. She has an epicurean bent and enjoys entertaining friends and family at their home in Glenwood.

She is a member of the Financial Planning Association, a Qualified Kingdom Advisor and is registered with FINRA . Howard Financial Resources, Lighthouse Financial and Cambridge are not affiliated. She and her team at Lighthouse actively manage assets for affluent households. She has served on the boards of several local non-profit organizations and is involved with Churches valley wide in financial stewardship ministry.


Holly Bahadur Bryson, MA – Facilitator
Wilderness Psychotherapist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Holly Bahadur loves to explore the deep hunger we have for true, expansive self-expression, connectivity, belonging, and the flow state through her work as a Wilderness Psychotherapist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor , SoulSweat TM Dance facilitator and the Maori, Waitaha worldview passed through the women of her family.

Holly is a Lead Wilderness and Family Therapist for Healing Quest and SkiTherapyTM. She specializes in Individual and Family 5-21 day Rite of Passage, relationship work, PTSD, anxiety and anger through integrating canoeing, ski, backpacking and climbing therapy. She brought Transpersonal Psychology and her Somatic Approach into Prisons and Psychiatric Hospitals for the past two years, and currently runs a women’s yoga/ meditation group in County Jail. Holly works with The Women’s Wilderness Institute currently facilitating outdoor retreats for Women Combat Veterans state-wide. She brings with her a love of the outdoor world and a passion to bring the whole spectrum of life into the therapeutic process.

More about Holly at


Narda Reigel, Heart2Heart and Chrysalis Circle co-facilitator
Life Skills Teacher & Spiritual Mentor
Addictions Counselor & Intervention Counselor

What is the purpose of Life?’ ‘What is the purpose of MY life?

These are the questions that accompany our inner self as we journey through the adventure of human existence.

Narda’s passion is to accompany others as they learn, grow, and experience all life has to offer.

‘The adventure of life does not come with an instruction manual – we figure it out on the fly!’

Immersed in teaching Life Skills in a local middle school, addiction education and therapy, trauma and crisis advocacy, mentoring, spiritual direction, and asking questions with the goal of seeking deeper meaning; Narda fills her time with rich interactions and people from all ages and stages of life.

Narda lives the joy and fulfillment of a rich marriage and two beautiful daughters grown and nurtured in the beautiful Vail Valley.


Darleen Miller – Facilitator
Author of Yes! It Really IS All About Me
Cofounder of Indigo Evolution (Transcendence Technique)
Holistic teacher, Master Energy Healer, Founder of 1 Heartbeat
Watch – Women’s Inner Wisdom webinar archive featuring Darleen Miller

Darleen has been a student and creator of life’s experiences. Her heart path has always been focused on guiding individuals and groups towards understanding and knowingness about the self.

Classes and workshops of interest are:
1. Deep Relaxation and Meditation
2. Energy Awareness
3. Tai Chi
4. Reiki
5. Reconnection
6. Fasting and Cleansing Technique
7. Sound and Vibrational Information
8. Ayurveda

Most recent: A focus group exploring the needs of caregivers. As a caregiver in many forms (wife, mother, daughter, and teacher), Darleen always allowed the needs of others to be more important than her own self nurturance. The reality of taking care of the self became apparent after the recent death of her husband.

Darleen has established a platform for caregivers through writing her book, Yes! It Really IS All About Me and creating classes that will emphasize the community of caregivers.

Twitter: @1heart_beat Facebook: 1 Heartbeat


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Additional Resources

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In this video, Melisa describes human and horse vibrational fields. She talks about using our intuition and body knowing to work with the issue of surrender. This is just one bit of the work she’ll be doing with Women’s Empowerment Workshop during the Healing with Horses session.

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