Discover the power of nature. Discover the power of YOU!

About Us

Women are rising! It is our time. Since 2009, Women’s Empowerment Workshop has been guiding women and girls of all ages and abilities to their unlimited potential through nature-based coaching, workshops, retreats, camps for girls, and mother-daughter programs. Using deep nature connection to reawaken our feminine power restores our sense of self-worth, purpose, confidence and resilience.

We invite you to experience the healing power of nature, found not by conquering but by listening on all levels and experiencing nature’s lessons, like Connection, Balance, Rest, Play, Change, Self-compassion and Patience.

Reconnect to your adventurous self, while learning how to navigate rapids on whitewater rivers and in your life. Discover that climbing a rock face in a centered, intentional, courageous way can be applied to obstacles in every area of life. Plunge deep into Women’s Inner Wisdom and unlock secrets you hold about discernment and self-awareness. Practice grounding with a 150-year-old spruce tree, and learn to take these tools anywhere.

Our nurturing, playful, experiential approach to self-growth helps you discover that you ARE nature, not separate from it. It reveals your unique gifts and unlimited possibilities. As part of the web of life, YOU MATTER! Discovering and embodying this inner wisdom opens a pathway to Living Your Purpose.

Anchor in those “AHA!” moments as you explore them in a supportive circle of women or one-on-one with your coach. Take this inspiration of a more aware, grounded, powerful you into your family, work, community and world. Let’s all rise together!

Discover the power of nature and the power of YOU!

TEDx Vail Women: Susie Kincade, WEW founder, talks about the “Healing Power of Nature”.

Our Mission

Women’s Empowerment Workshop programs empower women and girls to nourish mind, body and spirit by connecting to the natural world in a profoundly enriching, compelling, and transformational way. By reconnecting in a receptive way to the gifts of nature, women and girls discover and build their feminine power, confidence and purpose.

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