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Courageous Transitions Retreat, July 11-15, 2018 in Eagle, CO

Are you struggling with changes in your life?woman repelling down rock face with other women under her for support
Feeling overwhelmed by relationship, divorce, grief, health issues?
Feeling Confused? Lost? Stuck?
Looking for powerful skills to manage your transitions?

If so, this adventure retreat is for you!

This retreat will help you shift fear to courage and discover a more powerful YOU! You’ll learn potent techniques for navigating your life’s transitions and for tapping into Nature’s – and your own – strength and wisdom.

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$300 off this spectacular retreat through Jan. 7.

Give yourself a gift that will transform your life! 

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Make your Personal Growth a fun, dynamic adventure without and within!

Our retreats, workshops, and personal coaching offer deep connection to nature,  whether swimming with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez, rock climbing, hiking among ancient rock art in Utah, or engaging in nature-based inner wisdom activities in Vail, CO.

Expertly guided and facilitated with personal attention and a nurturing, intimate atmosphere make all Women’s Empowerment Workshop retreats and coaching unique and absolutely life changing!

Professional personal and group coaching helps you:

  • Find the Balance and Discernment you seek
  • Navigate transitions in your life
  • Learn to recognize and express your Authentic Self
  • Gain Confidence and Clarity
  • Learn how to use your own wisdom to guide your journey
  • Use nature to nurture and inform you

View our upcoming retreats here.

Custom Retreats & Personal Coaching

Customize a retreat for yourself, family or friends.

STEPPING STONESEmpower yourself and prepare for the next step in life’s journey with a customized personal, family or group retreat. Learn powerful tools that will serve your entire life. Allow nature to guide your next steps. Retreats can include kayaking, climbing, hiking, council time, personal coaching, solo time in nature, threshold crossing ceremony.

Call today for a free consultation about your personal threshold crossing: 970-328-5472.

Discover the power of Nature. Discover the power of YOU!

“When human beings lose their connection to nature, to heaven and earth, then they do not know how to nurture their environment or how to rule their world – which is saying the same thing. Human beings destroy their ecology at the same time that they destroy one another. From that perspective, healing our society goes hand in hand with healing our personal, elemental connection with the phenomenal world.” Chogyam Trungpa


TEDx Vail Women: Susie Kincade, WEW founder, talks about the “Healing Power of Nature.”


Women’s Empowerment Workshop Founder, Susie Kincade, talks about the power of nature and how we can connect to our own potential through intentional retreats and explorations in the natural world. LISTEN HERE to a recent interview.


CONNECT to other women in a nurturing, supportive setting with life coaches to help you further your personal journey.

FEEL the magic of being Touched By a Horse. Perfect mirrors, horses are profound teachers of trust and truth. Discover your authentic self through the heart of a horse. Read more…

EMBARK on a personal journey to your empowered self in the heart of Colorado’s spectacular Rocky Mountains. Experience a more empowered, confident and meaningful life and learn to manifest your power in and for the world. Read more…

NURTURE your inner wisdom! Learn skills for stress relief and journaling; explore the dynamics of life coaching and the wisdom of being present to your emotions. Engage in the power of choice.

TRIUMPH over the walls in life through courage, persistence and problem solving. No matter what your level of experience is, you can feel the jubilation of conquering a wall.

LEARN the art of navigating your river of life. Balance, flexibility, knowing when to “eddy out” and when to paddle like crazy. It’s all part of this Colorado River adventure.

EXPLORE your life’s journey as you venture into the mountain forests. Each foot forward shapes the passage and delivers you closer to yourself, your dreams. Read more…



Women's Empowerment Workshop
“I have been truly changed by our work together and am walking through my life challenges with a deeper sense of belief in and love for myself and an ability to move powerfully through fear with trust (and a lot of deep breaths).”

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