Practice stillness amid the swirl of activity

As I sat at my computer this morning, a Great Blue Heron flew by the window, circled and landed by the creek to hunt. The gigantic bird moved carefully and deliberately through last summer’s bent and brown grasses to the edge of the water where it stood in complete and utter stillness. Even knowing exactly where it stood, I almost lost it from vision and didn’t dare look away fearing I’d lose track of it.

We stayed transfixed this way. The bird watching the water with patience and stillness, and me watching the bird. The heron was still for seven full minutes before knifing his long beak into the creek for a fish.

As I watched, I thought about Women’s Empowerment Workshop. Patience is one of the tools we’ll be learning, especially in the nature photography sessions. Like the Blue Heron, sometimes we must practice stillness amid the swirl of activity, electronics, information overload, and allow what we need in our life to come to us.

When was the last time you stopped for ten minutes in complete, waking stillness? Try it and see what comes your way.

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