Butterfly Emerging! – Dancing with Grief with Gratitude

blue-morpho-butterflyIt has been a while since you have heard from Women’s Empowerment Workshop. The truth is I’ve been very busy growing through deep personal work with Grief and Gratitude. The container for my work has been a cocoon of healing. Just as the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, I now begin to surface from my personal grief (the loss of my parents, two beloved mentors, and several friends), to face the global grief that can be felt everywhere we go – from Paris to our local homeless shelter.

I emerge slowly, honoring that grief is a process. Gratitude is not. It is our rock-solid tool and weapon of transformation. I can access Gratitude every single moment, with each breath. Holding Gratitude as I embody grief has allowed me to grow a new set of beautiful wings!

Tom Zuba’s book, “Permission to Mourn” reminds me that “Grief is not the enemy. Grief is the teacher. The powerful, blessed, gift-from-god teacher.” By saying ‘yes’ to what is, I have been gifted with so much gratitude, strength, resilience, joy and laughter, hard work, and above all an appreciation for living a fully present life. Grief processed through the lens of Gratitude has brought me Life, in full abundance. There is nothing but the breath we are taking right now, right here. Our choice is what to do with each moment. I have learned to leave no words of love unspoken; no tender touch held back. I’ve been reminded how short life is and how much I still want to experience. I am ready to fly back into life, passionate for my work as a nature-base coach and retreat leader; with my passion and love for the natural world and the awakening it brings!

There is a story about a student, anxious for the butterfly she had been watching as it struggled out of its cocoon, helped it by gently slitting the paper-like membrane. The beautiful butterfly burst out suddenly, pumped its wings up and down several times, then died. The lesson for the student was that the struggle to emerge gives the butterfly the strength to live.

Grief is a special struggle for we humans. I’ve learned that the grace with which we transform grief feeds the grace of who we are. I’m excited to try my new wings in 2016, in grace and gratitude with you!

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