Re-kindle Your Inner Flame

freedom-sunset“Now, more than ever.” I’ve heard this echoed a lot recently. It seems that many people have woken up to a new reality. One in which each of us needs to stay awake, attentive and expansive about our role as full participants in life.


As painful as it has been for me to see my beloved country torn apart at the seams of values, socio-economics, and cultural lineage, I have also seen people WAKE UP to the understanding that they are a living part of this web of life and responsible to what happens in it. Out of great pain comes great potential for change and new insights, two ingredients we humans need now, more than ever.


Now more than ever, we are needed to step out of our fear of being insufficient, unworthy, too small, and step into our choice to be powerful, effective, and meaningful in our life.


Now more than ever, we are called to feel deeply into the web of life around us and discern where that web needs care and attention.


Now more than ever, we must listen intently for our own personal calling and ignite our inner flame to light our pathway and answer that call.


Now more than ever, we need to connect to the humanity that we share with each person we meet, and connect with compassion and love.


Now more than ever we have opportunities for personal growth, deeper understanding; to be an agent of healing and of change. When we heal ourselves and kindle our light, everything else mends a little bit more.


Now more than ever, we need to remain awake and willing to step into the challenges that face our country, our human race, our divine spirit and our existence in this Universe; and to step knowing we have a choice to adopt an attitude of unlimited possibility.


Its why we are here right now at the time of great change. We were born for now, more than ever.


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